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Ibid you welcome to this unofficial web site of the Upper Crust, the world's most privileged band. You should be aware that, due to the time constraints forced on the working class, this site is not the best source for current show dates and other breaking news. For that sort of thing, please visit the Upper Crust Gold Plated Radio. However, if you're interested in some of the history and background of the band then we should be able to assist you in that endeavour.

updated October 12 2000
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The Upper Crust is a Boston-based rock band that plays terrific power-punk/pop-metal songs. If I were a junior A&R guy at a record label that had to quickly pitch the Upper Crust to the top brass, I might say "it's AC/DC meets the Buzzcocks at a theater showing This Is Spinal Tap." But there is much more to the Upper Crust, both aurally and visually.

The Upper Crust incorporate the catchiest power-pop hooks with the most intelligent yet foot-stomping-est elements of hard arena-rock. To top it off, their lyrics address the dilemmas of the lives of the idle rich: "Let Them Eat Rock," "Friend Of A Friend Of The Working Class," "Rabble Rouser," etc.

Not only are their songs about the trials of blueblood life, but they perform in full aristocratic regalia: powdered wigs, velvet knickers, pancake makeup with beauty spots applied. They even have gilded frames for their 20th century amplifiers.

Unfortunately, this aspect of the Crust often causes the casual observer to simply dismiss the Upper Crust as a "joke band." Their loss. The Upper Crust's music and performance stands up to any other. They're not a joke band; they're a great rock band with a damn good sense of humour.


Live Shows

Reviews and set lists from past performances, including a review of the Upper Crust in London!

Ye Olde Music Shoppe

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

A quick summary of the latest Upper Crust news. Updated May 30, 1999, with news about recent airplay of new Crust tunes and more! Previous updates are also available so you can catch up on what you might have missed.

Voice Of The Peasants

See what the rabble are saying about these noblemen, and add your own comments. The rabble's been quiet lately - last updated March 29, 1998 with messages from Crust fans new and old who saw something wigged their way coming.

The Drawing Room

A collection of Upper Crust photos (in concert and otherwise), as well as sundry other items, including an Upper Crust crossword puzzle! Updated July 11, 1998, with photos from the May 2 Middle East show!

About the band

The origins and career to date of the Crust, dating back to their conception in a van in 1994. Also includes the official band bio from the Let Them Eat Rock press kit.

Upper Crust Unwigged

Find out who's hiding beneath that pancake makeup. Perhaps people you already know from their work with other Boston bands.


Complete song listings, lyrics, and production credits from the new release, The Decline And Fall Of The Upper Crust, and the debut album, Let Them Eat Rock.

An Upper Crust Glossarie

An alphabetical guide to assorted Crust miscellany. Wondering what the connection is between the Crust and the likes of the Fleshtones, Lyres, or even They Might Be Giants? You'll find the answers here.


Links to other sites that the discriminating Crust fan might enjoy.



This site uses a lot of stuff that's copyrighted: photos, images, original artwork used for the two Upper Crust CDs, lyrics, etc. BE IT HEREBY KNOWN THROUGHOUT THE LAND that all copyrights remain with their original holders. This material is used for the sole purpose of promoting the Upper Crust! About the only original thing on these pages is the writing. And another thing - the reason it says "unofficial" up there is that this site is not affiliated with the band nor with any record label or other entity - it's just an obsessed fan with a scanner.

A few words about the site...

If you're looking for a lot of fancy frames, Java, Javascript, Shockwave, ActiveX, or cutting edge web design in general, let me save you some time: you won't find any of that here. Why? Partly because of my own limitations, but mostly because the point of this site is to offer as much information as I can gather about the Upper Crust and to make it as easy as possible for you to get that information, regardless of which web browser or computer you're using.


Thanks to the two Upper Crust web site trailblazers, Sid Probstein and Mike Genrich. Thanks also to everyone who has provided me with additional information to add to this site; if there's something you'd like to contribute, please e-mail me at crust@juvalamu.com.

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