Upper Crust

An Historie

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present for your diversion a most unusual Roque & Roll band; namely, The Upper Crust, whose mastery of the Roque genre is a most welcome illustration of the authority inherent in a noble pedigree.

Raised in youthful dissipation and every kind of indulgence, the five young lords of the Crust -- Bendover, Rockingham, d'Istortion, De Roque and Kickassis -- all spent their summers in idleness and luxury in adjacent estates by the shores of Lake Geneva. One day, as they languidly batted about a shuttlecock, they were suddenly visited by a strange and wonderful apparition: from the waters of the lake appeared an arm bearing an electric guitar, and a terrible voice -- they knew not whence it came -- bade them "Let Them Eat Roque!".

This apparition so amazed the five youths that they took to their beds and forswore all food and drink for a fortnight. Then they met and discussed the meaning of this singular event, resolving at length that there was only one course to take -- to form a band so potent and magnanimous that all others would be revealed as the false and shabby posturings that they are; to restore the ancient and long-neglected standard of Roque, and to guide the people once again towards a true and hard-roquing destiny.

To this end, they have renounced their lives of privilege and dedicated themselves to your pleasure and edification.

God save the Crust!

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