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May 30 1999
  • In the wake of the rather grim tone of my last update, I'm pleased to report that there has indeed been a fair amount of news in recent months. First, and most exciting, is the recent appearance of some new Upper Crust tunes on a couple of radio stations in New Jersey. DJs on WFMU, a listener-supported station based in Jersey City, have been featuring some new Crust over the past few weeks; in fact, as your Web Serf types this update on a Sunday afternoon, longtime 'FMU dj Bill Kelly just proclaimed "Airs" his Number One song of the week. If you're not able to pick up WFMU using the conventional FM frequency (91.1 FM, or 90.1 in the Catskill Valley area), visit their website to learn how you can listen via the Internet.

    Upper Crust fans in the vicinity of the Jersey Shore should tune in to the Barrage From The Garage on WHTG/FM 106.3 Saturday nights between midnight and 6am. Host Bart Cross-Tierney has been a long-time Crust/Titanics/Flies fan, and he too has recently been spinning some new Upper Crust music.

    In addition to "Airs," other Crust songs that have graced the airwaves include "Everybody's Equal," "Slummin'," "Luncheon" and "Once More Into The Breeches." It's not yet known which of these tracks will make it onto the final released version of the new album, although it's a pretty safe bet that "Once More Into The Breeches." will be on there since it's the title track!

  • Speaking of the new album, there is no further information as yet regarding its release. Conversations are ongoing, and you can be certain that this site will bring you complete details once they're available.

  • The Upper Crust will engage in several recitals during the month of July. These will take place in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC and Massachusetts. Particulars are on the live page.

  • The Crust celebrated Easter Sunday with an acoustic performance (just like in olden times) on Worcester (MA) radio station WAAF (107.3). The unplugged version of "I've Got My Ascot 'n' My Dickie" sounded especially fine; they also played "Rock 'n' Roll Butler," "Matron" and "We're Finished With Finishing School."

January 2 1999
  • Your Web Serf is well aware that an update to this site is long overdue. Unfortunately, details regarding the activities of our favorite men in tights have been few and far between. Reports indicate that the new album should be released by March or so; hopefully that will result in some increase of Crustian events. Meanwhile, a couple of NYC shows are scheduled for the near future, one of which is actually a Titanics show. Particulars are on the live page.

August 22 1998
  • The Titanics reunited (again!) to do a show on Monday night, August 17th, at the Green Street Grille in Cambridge. (You may recall that they also got back together in October.
  • The Upper Crust take off for the great white north, with shows scheduled for Montreal, Toronto and London! See the live page for the complete schedule.

  • The new Upper Crust video for "Rabble Rouser" is available online, thanks to the folks at Streamland! It's best viewed on a high speed connection at work when your boss is out to lunch; click here to give it a try.

July 11, 1998
  • The Upper Crust will be takin' it to the masses once again as they play some shows in New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Baltimore. See the live page for the complete schedule.

  • According to word received by the Monarchy In The USA news team, the Crust are working on a new album! No details as yet on a label or track listing, though it would be easy enough to guess at the latter based on the numerous songs that have not yet been released to we undeserving fans. And speaking of which...
  • The Upper Crust appeared live on WMBR early in June. A listener reports that among the songs they performed were "Finished With Finishing School," "Luncheon," "Once More Into the Breeches," "Gourmet Love," and "Matron." One might recall that the Crust also appeared on WMBR shortly after the release of Let Them Eat Rock and played many songs that were eventually released on The Decline & Fall. The reader is left to draw his or her own conclusions.

May 17, 1998
  • The winners of the Author, Author contest have been announced! Follow the link to see who won; you can also read the winning lyrics!

April 22, 1998
  • The Upper Crust will be performing as part of a "night of Cock Rock" in New York City on Wednesday, April 29th. Details on the live page! Will they get caught in the formal garden? You'll have to be there to find out!

April 17, 1998
  • The Upper Crust are being conveyed to Los Angeles this weekend by ultra-modern jet aircraft so that they may shoot a video for "Rabble Rouser," which of course appears on the Decline & Fall album. The video is being directed by Gregory Dark, of the infamous (in some circles) Dark Bros.

  • Thanks to everyone who entered the Author, Author contest. No decision has been reached as yet because, quite frankly, I have been lollygagging about of late and have not contacted the Noble Lads to make arrangements for them to review the submissions. I assure you that I will undertake this task next week, once the boys have returned to their rightful place on the East coast following their video shoot. I offer my sincere apologies to those of you who are in suspense over the final outcome of this competition.
March 29, 1998
  • Two quick notes - the deadline for the Author, Author contest has been extended to April 1! Also, I'm putting together an announce-only version of CrustList that will offer new and updates, but no discussion. Here's more info about CrustList, including what it is and how to subscribe.
February 19, 1998
  • Details on the Author, Author contest are here! If your lyrics are judged to be the most Crust-like, you could win a copy of those verses autographed by the band and maybe even hear them set to music!

  • I'm pleased to announce the introduction of CrustList, the Upper Crust mailing list! This should be a great way to meet other Crust fans from around the country -- or world, really -- and to share reviews of the shows taking place during the tour. I'll also be using it to announce updates to this site and other significant Crust news. To subscribe, just send an e-mail to majordomo@xnet2.com. In the body of your message, type:

    subscribe crustlist

    You should receive a confirmation message shortly after sending your subscribe message. Note that the 'who' command has been disabled on this list, meaning that your e-mail address will not be visible to other list members unless you post a message. E-mail me at crust@juvalamu.com with any questions.
February 12, 1998
  • I'm putting the finishing touches on what I think will be a great contest for Upper Crust fans! Creativity will definitely count, and the more you know the Crust the better. I won't go into the details until I've got everything confirmed, but I will say that the top prize will be something you can't get anywhere else. I should be able to announce the contest within the next week, so be sure to check back!

  • Anticipation is building as the Crust prepare the carriages for their first national tour in over two years. You'll find the current dates listed on the Live page. Meanwhile, Emperor Norton records have launched their Upper Crust site at http://www.emperornorton.com/upper_crust/. It was there that I learned of the brilliant name for this upcoming tour: Something Wigged This Way Comes. I wish I could take credit for that, but I can't.

  • By all accounts, the Crust put on a great show last Saturday at the Middle East. The downstairs room was packed, the band was tight, and they introduced two new songs -- "Bedlam" and "Into The Breeches" -- that will hopefully be performed throughout the tour.
January 21, 1998
  • I am chagrined to report that the item below dated January 14 contains an error, for which I have been justly upbraided by a close associate of Count Bassie:

    Bassie instructs me to correct a factual error on your web site. He reports that his vocal debut with the Upper Crust was on Thursday April 11, 1996 during his very first gig with the group at the now defunct club Ultrasound in Toronto, Ontario. He also sang in Ottawa at Barrymore's on April 12, 1996 and at Club Cabaret Montreal on April 13. Songs sung were Minuet and Gold Plated Radio in the absence of Rockingham.

    The Count was not to sing again until he delivered a version of
    Beauty Spot at recent gigs in Los Angeles this past November.

    However, Bassie acknowledges that New York and Bejeweled-Tiara-of-New-Jersey residents feel that the world, and indeed time itself, begins and ends within their district. Therefore for the sake of argument we shall say his vocal debut occurred at the Court Tavern.
January 14, 1998
  • History will record that on January 10, 1998, Count Bassie made his lead vocal debut at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ. He acquitted himself handsomely on the new tune "Matron," which recounts the sad tale of a winsome young courtesan who has aged less than gracefully -- "they call her Matron now."

    Meanwhile, in the wake of the Upper Crust's triumphant appearance at the Fleet Center at the close of 1997, I have obtained the following remarks from the Count:   "Our recent concerts with the Aerosmith were very fine, though with such a large and potentially volatile crowd of commoners one must keep one's wits (and dagger) close at hand. Certainly we were careful not to inflame the wrong passions. Kickassis' nouveau riche heart was inflamed when he reunited with Liv Tyler.
    I myself spent the days following tabulating the real meaning of the shows with some associates at La Banque du Monde, in Geneva"
    See Bassie's comments about the West Coast below, and add your own thoughts to the Voice of the Peasants!

December 28, 1997
  • I'm pleased to announce the return of one of the original Upper Crust web sites! Sid Probstein, who also has a great Bags page, has re-launched his Upper Crust site at http://www2.thecia.net/users/prob/crust/. Be sure to visit!

  • Check out the live page for info about upcoming Crust shows in New Brunswick NJ and Cambridge MA.

December 10, 1997
  • Word just in to Crust Central: the Upper Crust will be opening for Aerosmith (!) on December 30 and 31 at the 19,000+ seat Fleet Center (!!)
    The rabble awaits your sentiments regarding this upcoming arena appearance.

November 22, 1997
  • OK, I'm quite willing to admit that I'm the only person who would even think twice about this, but... During the episode of Millennium that aired Friday, November 21st, there was a scene that offered two Crust-related references in rapid succession! First off, in the office where the scene took place there was a poster on the wall for a movie called "Mr. Ne'er-Do-Well". Then, while this poster was still filling the screen, one of the characters mentioned that the actor who starred in the movie was "high on drugs", which of course is the name of a Titanics song. Just an eerie coincidence? I think... so. The truth is, I have no idea. But it was still pretty funny.
    Have I totally gone off the deep end?? Share your thoughts on the Crust/X-Files connection!

November 11, 1997
  • The Upper Crust have returned from their brief West Coast mini-tour, and Count Bassie has deigned to issue the following statement:   "[My] experience on the west coast was pleasurable largely for Climactic reasons but more significantly for the constant air of debauchery. I find this a most restorative balm for the pallor and ennui oft' afflicting men of high station and privilege. To speak of the performances, I found in myself the usual odd mixture of contempt, gratitude and fleeting sexual frisson. We had the notable pleasure of performing for "Vaginal Creme Davis" a 7 foot tall black transvestite at 'The Garage.' Certainly a career high point."
    Read about what the Count didn't tell us in the Voice of the Peasants, or add your own story!

November 5, 1997
  • The Upper Crust are in the Golden State (how fitting) for three shows.

October 31, 1997
  • Thanks to everyone who entered the Release Party contest! Northeast Crust fans are looking forward to a big weekend of roque in New York City tonight and Cambridge, Mass., tomorrow. The latest info is that Lord Rockingham should be performing at both shows, barring any last-minute surprises at work. However, he will not be making the trip to Los Angeles, where the Crust will be playing next weekend.

October 5, 1997
  • Good news and bad news regarding our liege Lord Rockingham. He has a great new job, but it requires him to move from the Boston area to Washington, D.C. This will clearly limit his availability for roquing. Watch this space for more details.

Note: previous "Hear Ye" notes have now been incorporated into the band history.

Please direct all enquiries to your Web serf, crust@juvalamu.com.

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