Upper [peasants] Crust

While it goes against everything these nobles embrace, this is a forum where you, the rabble, can be heard. If you'd like to submit to the Crust (well, okay, I'm just a lowly web serf) you may do so here. Please allow a few days (at least) for me to add your message to this page, and thanks for participating!

Disclaimer: Some of the comments below may have originally appeared in separate e-mails from the same person, but I've condensed them into one message. By the same token, some comments may be from the same person even though they're in separate messages. I'm using my own editorial judgement here... it's not like this is the New York Times or anything!

Mon, 23 Mar 1998 02:33:04
From: Pat Butler (signal30@usa.net)
This weekend, I had the honor and privilege of playing a command opening performance for the Upper Crust. My band, Signal 30, played at the Euclid Tavern in Cleveland. The Crust put on an outstanding performance, and the new songs roqued! (I especially liked "Matron" with Count Bassie on vocals!) I do a radio program called "Spank Magazine" in Cleveland on 88.7 FM WJCU, and I play "Rock N' Roll Butler" as my theme song every week! I had more fun watching the Crust than I've ever had at any other concert. Let them eat Roque!!!!

Sun, 22 Mar 1998 19:31:18
From: Dan Alward
I saw the Crust here in Cleveland last night and they royally rocked the Euclid Tavern for an hour or so. I sure am glad I ignored the police warnings about travelling on such an icy night! Now I'm wishing there were more than two albums 'cause I haven't wanted to listen to anything else all day. As one hip luminary in the audience said after the show - "Where are you going to go to top this?!"

Sun, 22 Mar 1998 13:22:08
From: tim lanza (simone280@aol.com)
I hope this missive finds you well. Though my pillowed arse remains black and blue from the severe kicking it received at the roque show in Cleveland last night, I can attest that my eyes and ears have not been so well served since that fine summer's day so many years ago when a particularly cretinous band of hooligans from that penal colony Australia visited these shores. If memory serves, Master B. Scott and his companions would have raised their glasses in salute. Ah, last night's show brought back that sweet smell of smoking school backpacks. Yes, the commoners certainly had their knickers in a twist as the Royals scorched their way through a rousing set that, as I am lead to believe is not uncommon, began with Let Them Eat Roque and ended with Finished with Finishing School. Highlights included the welcomed inclusion of Rickshaw Boy during the encore, and, for myself at least, a truly incredible High Falutin'. Not since the storming of the Bastille have I heard such a glorious din. I close with my warmest regards and a plea to include Columbus on the next journey.

(Web serf's note: I'm with you regarding Highfalutin. That is consistently the highlight of any Upper Crust show, along with Luncheon. And Who's Who Of Love. And Cream Of The Crust. Okay, so it's hard to single out any one song, but Highfalutin is definitely among the upper crust of Upper Crust songs.) As to whether the Crust will discover Columbus, time will tell.

Sun, 22 Mar 1998 05:55:28
From: Chad Van Wagner
Just got back from the Cleveland show...they kicked a regal amount of ass, if I might be so bold. Eight of us drove up from Columbus. and we got back at 5:30 A.M, but we all agreed that we'd go back and do it again right then and there.

Mon, 16 Mar 1998 19:14:05
From: Sarah Weil
Many thanks to m'lords for gracing our regal city of San Francisco on March 11th. My companion and I attended the Bottom of the Hill show and were, quite frankly, overwelmed. Absolutely brilliant! We hold the Crust in such esteem that it is our latest past time is to bring them to the attention of as many people we know.

Bravo! and do return soon.

(Web serf's note: This was exactly my reaction when I first saw them in the fall of 1996, and I soon realized that I could achieve that goal by spreading the word about the Crust via this very web site.)

Fri, 13 Mar 1998 13:29:13
From: Casey
The Duc d'Istortion is my uncle... i think this is a fine site, family or not

Thu, 12 Mar 1998 19:35:01
From: Frank O (jsnuka@usa.com)
Most fortunate to have been blessed with the presence of our lordships twice in the past week! My inaugural UC experience was last Sat. (3/7) @ the Dragonfly in Hollywood. I had such an ass-kicking good time that I caught them again @ Spaceland on Tuesday. Their shows were pretty crowded; I think it was due in part to glowing write-ups in the L.A. Weekly before their appearances. (That's what prompted me to attend, anyway.)

Can't wait to see them again, although I didn't realize at first that they're from Boston, so I guess it'll be a while.


Wed, 4 Mar 1998 23:38:12
From: Dash Rip Rocque (haymaker@ix.netcom.com)
HOLY MARECHAL AMPS! I stood outside of the Howlin' Wolf where inside the Upper Crust were rocqueing. The windows were buzzing. The cabbies driving by on the street were wearing earplugs. The Mississippi River ran backwards for 45 minuets. Their highnesses encored with "I'm finished with finishing school." What a ballbuster. We Laughed, we cried, we went home and made our neighbors cry by trying to recreate the decibels exactly. Pitiful that "Opera Glass" was haphazardly recreated by the local Upper Crust peasant chapter, DRR. Our apologies. It was an incredible show - vouchsafe the impending tour will meet with continued loudness and success.

(Web serf's note: Clarification, please: are you saying that Dash Rip Rock opened for the Crust and did a version of "Opera Glass?" What a hoot...)

Wed, 4 Mar 1998 19:18:14
From: Rob
Saw the Crust on Friday, Feb. 27 at the Masquerade, a club in Atlanta. My wife and I had been making the rounds, and arrived at the club a few minutes before the band came out at 11 p.m. Great show! I'd never seen them play live, and must say I was very impressed with the power of their attack.

They started with "Let Them Eat Rock," and kept roaring straight ahead. They did pretty much the set that has been listed for this tour, although they didn't do an encore; the crowd enjoyed them, but wasn't too demonstrative. While I appreciate their music, I also got a laugh from their costumes and between-songs wisecracks. A tight, inventive band with a great sense of humor - that's what the world needs more of.

I hope the Crust amble through Atlanta again sometime soon; I really enjoyed seeing their act. Lord Bendover and Duc d'Istortion are a power axe team, that's for sure. Hope the Crust get some well-deserved attention from both the press and public on this tour.

Wed, 4 Mar 1998 00:04:40
From: DJ Stovepipe
Word up. I witnessed the Upper Crust deliver live, raw Wig Rock to the people of Washington, D.C. last week. They tore the Black Cat a new asshole and made believers of even the most skeptical. Wig Rock Forever!

Tue, 3 Mar 1998 23:34:30
From: <Jsbjr669@aol.com>
I am positively frothing at the mouth that the mid-atlantic swing through fell upon the middle of the week. I shall die an incomplete man for not having kissed the robes of the almighties. I am weeping and gnashing teeth in that I also hear that the Black Cat show was exceptional, save for the fact that "Beauty Spot" was missing.

Is there hope for a plebe such as I at a second chance this year? And why is the crust sans Nobleman #5? Doth not thine lordships comprise 5?

Humbly thy subject in Virginia...

(Web serf's note: Unfortunately, the ears of Crust fans will no longer be treated to the wonder that is "Beauty Spot," nor will our eyes witness the thrilling spectacle of le Duc d'Istortion wigging out, if you will, during that number. As it happens, "Beauty Spot" was a Lord Rockingham composition. Since his Lordship has departed from the band (which answers your question regarding the number of nobles), his songs have likewise departed from their live shows.)

Sat, 28 Feb 1998 13:20:28
From: Brian (brifos138@hotmail.com)
My mind was left scattered on the floor of Coney Island High. From the beginning of the set with Let Them Eat Rock to the splendid brutal ending of I'm Finished With Finishing School the rock was more powerful than I could ever imagine. Lord Bendover seemed troubled about the amount of A-strings he was breaking, but that didn't stop the fury. I beg them to return to New York very soon. I only wish there was t-shirts for sale so the world would know my love of the Crust.I thank the Upper Crust...I thank them for rocking me harder than any band has in a long, long time...Viva Crust.

Mon, 23 Feb 1998 21:04:58
From: Vlad the Inhaler
I had the pleasure of watching the Crust blow the roof off the Fleet Enema Center on Dec. 30. Albeit my nasty habit of imbibing gallons of mead led to an altercation with a Days of the New fan who dared cast a disparging remark about our Lords of Rocque while waiting in line for fine malt beverage (I believe the pleeb in question was nursing an O'douls). He quickly backed down when confronted with his own ignorance(and my beer muscles).

An added bonus to an already stellar evening, was that I was seated with a bevy of punk rock beauties(Le Duc d'Istortions cast offs no doubt). The show at the Middle Least was tremendous as well,except for the crowd of Oh-So-Cool Boston fans who don't even have the manners to clap, never mind rock! Truly pearls amongst swine!

For those of you throughout the country who have yet to experience the Crust, you are in for a treat. Long Live the Crust and this Web-site !

Sat, 21 Feb 1998 02:05:51
From: His highness Prince Vas Deferens (aprophet@msn.com)
Dear sirs:

Be prepared. I am to understand that you shall be arriving at my abode (San Francisco) in March. My sources have disclosed that you fancy yourselves to be quite royal. Ha! While I am certain that your music speaks for itself, let it be known that I and my band of miscreants shall be on hand to judge for ourselves. The mark of royalty (and of the Beast, for that matter) is seldom so obvious. If you provide my court with the proper entertainment, and if you have managed to quell my growing hunger for debauchery, then you shall recieve an ample reward. If not, the gauntlet shall be thrown, and you shall be cast into my realm of doom. Adieu.

Fri, 6 Feb 1998 11:04:34
From: Stefan Ravello (sravello@books.com)
Hey everyone in or coming to the Cleveland area. The revolution will reach it's true climax when the CRUST pairs up with THE CONSERVATIVES, at the Euclid Tavern on March 21st. THE CONSERVATIVES, utilizing only the finest techniques to produce string breaking, stick snapping armageddon SUIT Rock -n- Roll!!! Do not dare to miss this festival of high energy chaos, and remember, know your place!

This is, by the way, an outstanding web page!!!

(Web serf's note: I can't help thinking that Mr. Ravello is affiliated in some way with The Conservatives. Regardless, we thank him for alerting the rabble to this upcoming show in the home of the so-called "Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame.")

Sun, 1 Feb 1998 08:25:16
i caught the fredette brothers in the pete weiss band friday and thoroughly enjoyed the show. what a guitar team! and theyre related!

(Web serf's note: The astute Crust fan will note that the above-mentioned Mr. Weiss co-engineered The Decline & Fall.)

Sun, 25 Jan 1998 03:42:03
This is a message from the pesants to the Upper Crust:  We are ready to fucking rock!  Have a vulgar tounge, and rock out at the fucking Court on the 20th!!!! Fuck Aerosmith; Let them eat shit, and put those fucks back in rehab! The Crust rule!!!! The Crust are our Lords, and I must say that We, the fucking shit, shall eat Rock, so long as it is from the Fallutin Crust!!! Fuck Nine inch Nails. Fuck the Stones. Long live the fucking Crust!!! Kick some ass on the 20th dudes!!!!

(Web serf's note: Phew!)

Thu, 22 Jan 1998 14:35:31



(Web serf's note: Kindly remove your CAPS in the presence of nobility.)

Tue, 20 Jan 1998 23:06:17
From: Sir Michael (Kicknbeats@aol.com)
I was the proud and crazed fan who jumped and screamed my way through the Crusts' set at the coolest club in New Jersey, The Court Tavern in New Brunswick last Friday, Jan. 17th, 1998. I was inches away from Count Bassies face as he debuted he voice. He was stoic and resentful as usual. After thier set we cheered em back and they played another 5-7 songs, I forget, I was so loaded. I even woke up the next morning with the set list in my pocket.

They will be back for more on Feb. 20th.

(Web serf's note: Sir Michael's unbridled enthusiasm for the Men In Lace has clearly addled his sense of time; that Crust show at the Court was Saturday the 10th. However, he is right on target with the date of the Crust's return engagement as well as his description of Bassie.)

Tue, 13 Jan 1998 19:12:34
From: The Earl of Riff-en-Poof (blitzkrieg@oxford.edu)
Dear Upper Crust:
Come back to England, and we promise you will not be be-headed! That Harlot/Tramp you left behind has confessed her devotion to the Dean, and has re-nounced all ties to you and your tidy band of crumpit eating revolutionaries.

Long Live the Queen,
Respectfully Submitted,

The Earl of R. and his manor of minions

(Web serf's note: Hey, I don't write these things, I just copy them from my e-mail and paste them into this web page. And I can't help thinking that somebody purporting to be from Oxford ought to know how to spell "crumpet.")

Mon, 12 Jan 1998 11:26:27
From: Alex Smith (alex_smith@timemagazine.com)
I relished the very concept of the Crust's triumphant return to New York City this week (albeing at Coney Island High), after hearing for months that the band had broken up. They played last night (SUNDAY night), but I'm told didn't go on until quite late. Like a true peasant, I could not attend, for I must retain a job to keep a meager roof over my undeserving head. Thusly, I was not blessed enough to be present for said gala. Was hoping to catch some upcoming tour info about a possible RETURN trip to our fair city (preferably on a better night of the week). Ah well.

Pax vobiscum,

Mon, 12 Jan 1998 01:02:56
From: KayKay
January 11th show at Coney Isalnd High, NYC.... Sunday night show and I didn't go. According to the man at the door, there was a private party going on in the club, and it wouldn't open up to the public until 10 pm, with the bands scheduled to start playing at midnight. Since there were two bands scheduled on the bill before The Crust, I couldn't hold out and went home.

Sunday night shows are not good for most fans. Certainly, not for me. Aristrocrats or rabble-rousers, we most likely all have to work on a Monday morning.

Methinks that they are using genuine powder from the 18th century in their wigs and makeup!

(Web serf's note: Unfortunately, you were apparently the victim of a misinformed door person and confusing advertising. I got to CIH around 10:30 or 10:45, and the Upper Crust's equipment was in place on stage, with no other bands in sight. They went on a little before midnight... I don't know what the deal was with the other two bands that were mentioned in the ad. Hopefully their next NYC appearance will be on a Friday or Saturday.)

Tue, 13 Jan 1998 19:06:42
From: Optimus Prime (ultimathule@msn.com)
The idiot below doesn't know his budweiser from his absinthe. I was at the Aero show and the Crust rocked the Fleet. My friends and I fully appreciated the hard-driving guitar and the great drums. Great Stuff!

(Web serf's note: I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Lord Bendover (and the dearly departed Lord Rockingham) may write the songs that the whole world sings, but le Duc d'Istortion and Jackie Kickassis bring them to life in ways mere mortals could never imagine.)

Fri, 2 Jan 1998 15:58:39
(Web serf's note: The comments below are actually a combination of an e-mail message and comments received via the Voice of the Peasants form from the same individual.) Note that spelling and offensive remarks have been left as is. I'll be back in a minute.

You SUCK!!!!!!!! That was the worst half-hour my ears have ever experienced. What a waste of my time. I say forget about these freaks and just bring on Days Of The New (that's a real kick-ass band) to open for Aerosmith. I was at Aerosmith's Dec. 30 show. The first band Upper Crust sucked. How can anyone like a band like that. All I can say are two things. Lord Bendover. Rock and Roll Butler. They're just asking for crap. What the hell kind of idea is it to dress like 18th century fags. It only made me hate them more. Upper Crust BLOWS!!!!

Upper Crust SUCKS!!!! What the hell is the deal with Lord Bendover? What about the crap with the 18th century stuff. They look like fags and their bad music doesn't help things. I saw them at the Dec. 30 show with Aerosmith. Aerosmith kicked ass. Days of the New kicked ass. But, their was this first band dressed in tights and wigs that sucked. It was the worst half-hour my ears ever experienced. THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Hello, Web Serf again. Really, I think the comments above speak for themselves. However, I just wanted to mention that, as one who does volunteer work on behalf of people with HIV/AIDS, I certainly don't condone or encourage some of the language used. And besides, I don't recall seeing a lot of men in powdered wigs and related finery in the West Village or Chelsea.)

Tue, 23 Dec 1997 06:44:44
From: Spaceman (x9spaceman@earthlink.net)
I saw the show at the Paradise and it rocked like the Dickens! The house shook to the thumping roque as the open-eyed crowd begged for more.

Long live the Upper Crust!!!!

Sat, 20 Dec 1997 16:21:50
From: The Slugger
Dear Crustites,
I talked to Nat the other day about playing the club I book (The Court Tavern in New Brunswick NJ) and the Crust will be touring in late Febuary.
[ed. note: this show is now set for January 10.] It seems they will be touring as a four piece (sans Rockingham). I have been trying to get them down here for over a year and it looks like they're finally going to play. For info on the club, check http://www.courttavern.com

The Slugger

(Web serf's note: I've visited this establishment on more than one occasion, and I can assure the rabble that it is already frequented by many fans of the Crust. I dare say that an appearance by the Upper Crust would do wonders to elevate its standing.)

Fri, 19 Dec 1997 02:07:09
From: dew@thing.net
methink that the mighty Crust should teach those grungy "Ne'er Do Wells," Days of the New, a thing or two about proper hygiene, especially if they make it to the "Boudoir" with a strumpet when they play on those Boston dates as well like, how to apply a "Beauty Spot" perhaps? I'm not trying to sound "Highfalutin" or anything, after all, I am a mere peasant myself or else I would not be posting here! Roque and phucking Roll!

(Web serf's note: Days of the New aren't fit to light the candles in the Upper Crust's ornate candelabra.)

Tue, 16 Dec 1997 12:42:36
From: Andrew Rapoport (ARAPO@aol.com)
OK, it's been nearly TWO long, Crust-less years since we've been graced with the good Lords here in Washington. WE WANT THE CRUST, and we want them NOW!!

Mon, 15 Dec 1997 14:15:34
From: F'artagnon (dan@sonicnet.com)
Long Live the Crust. The Fleet Center will never be the same!!

Sat, 13 Dec 1997 23:14:00
[At the Paradise December 12,] the Crust sans Lord Rockingham took the stage to a small crowd. Things seemed a little tense for some reason. But they Rocked!! I saw 3 songs for the first time (Paradise Lost, Gourmet Love, and Eureka). They opened with Rock and Roll Butler which I found odd. Followed by Let them Eat Rock, Paradise Lost, Fauntleroy, Vulgar Tongue, Gourmet Love, Boudoir, Eureka, Tell Mother, Rabble, Falutin, (Persona was on the list but not played), Rickshaw and Cream of the Crust. They came back and played Neer do well even though Luncheon appears on the set list.

Jackie was amazing!!!

(Web serf's note: Jackie is the unsung hero and secret weapon of the Upper Crust. When they do those Aerosmith shows he should stuff Joey Kramer in a trunk somewhere and then "volunteer" to take his place!)

Date: Thu, 11 Dec 97 15:26:59
I'm a fanatic of the Upper Crust music but I'm a french guy and you don't know how it's difficult to get the Upper Crust records in France. I've got the first one ("let them it rock") with a great luck with the best record shop of my city (Nice), but I think it's gonna be very hard to get the new one. I have to command it and I'm never sure...
So you have to know noone knows the band in France (even in Paris where I lived 2 years) because the records are impossible to find.
Maybe you will be surprised to know I discovered the band at 2 concert of the Fleshtones in Paris in 1997 where the guy on the sono was playing the CD before the show.

So good luck to this great band!

Tue, 9 Dec 1997 21:12:11
Bon soir,
I too am an afficianado of le roque who, every day, must mingle with the dregs of humanity on the streets of this grand palace of debauchery, New York. Please kind sir, inform me of the date of the next crust show in our great city. I am in haste, sitting in my room sulking like one of those dreadful Dickens characters. I was lucky enough to catch the Halloween show, but am now suffering from horrific withdrawal. Much like the after effects of being high on drugs. I thank you in advance.

Tue, 9 Dec 1997 15:39:41
From: Dan the Peasant
[Regarding the Crust/Millenium connection,] you have DEFINITELY gone off the deep end! That's quite a stretch.... or maybe aliens have finally learned the ways of the Crust. The truth must be out there somewhere.

Sun, 7 Dec 1997 23:14:10
From: Duchess Deb U Tante (Sehlucy@aol.com)
I had the honorary privilege of securing several shows for these distinguished gents out on the West Coast recently and over one year ago. Watching the local peasants filled with passion for undoubtedly the first time in their sad, deprived lives as The Upper Crust takes over the stage is gratification enough for me. It's my contribution to the common people. Amazingly, it's not below their aristocratic nature to grace the stages of Los Angeles, City Of Dirt, Smog and Sin (the gents did cleanse their hands often whilst they were here though, I must say).

Tue, 2 Dec 1997 19:20:22
From: e blumenthal
brilliant first lp, sirs! would the band perchance be travelling to the pacific northwest any time in the near future? portland & seattle await their highnesses.

(Web serf's note: I have heard rumors of a multi-city tour taking place early next year, but these are as yet unconfirmed. Should these rumors be transformed to facts I shall indeed alert the rabble.)

Tue, 2 Dec 1997 00:44:48
From spaceman (x9spaceman@earthlink.net):
The Upper Crust is positively the greatest band to ever grace the itself on the peasantry on this paltry planet.

Tue, 25 Nov 1997 01:18:31
From Colonel Buford Henry William Fabersham III:
We witnessed the Upper Crust's medicine show as they blazed a trail of ruin and pillage through the noble deep south. We were so impressed by their charade, we have taken it upon ourselves to form our own rocking version of the TRUE aristocracy - that of the antebellum South. We, The Empowered Plantation Gentry, challenge the Upper Crust to a Rock Battle to end all Rock Battles! Suh, my intentions are served!

Tue, 18 Nov 1997 00:52:08
I have just received a most interesting message from a dear friend on the west coast...
I have heard, good sir, that at one of the Los Angeles performances of our lordships, the rabble whipped themselves into quite a frenzy, culminating in a most brazen and (unnaturally) buxom wench removing her blouse, and her bodice also, and was there exposed before our lordships and the assembled multitudes!

Sat, 08 Nov 1997 12:03:26
Wig rock RULES man!
I am the Manager at [a large record chain store] in Richmond, VA and myself and the receiving clerks LOVE the Upper Crust THEY FUCKING RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fri, 07 Nov 1997 09:51:08
I can't believe they'd do a tour without [Lord Rockingham]... I could tell something was missing with some of the vocals, but Beauty Spot was great! The Count did a great job with the lead... I did feel like a peasant with the Count's disgusted grimace. What a face!

Thu, 06 Nov 1997 18:52:29
Just wanted to congratulate you on this FANTASTIC site and also say thanks! I've been following the band since their first ever show at the Green Street Grill in Cambridge and it's great to be able to get updated info here. Keep up the good work.

Thu, 6 Nov 1997 16:30:57
of course I'm sure there are hundreds of women asking this very same question: is Lord Rockingham married, or is that ring by chance just a favorite piece of jewelry? It's not that often that I fall instantly in love. But I saw the Crust for the first time on Halloween, and I was smitten. A talented man who is attractive and intelligent! What is the story?

Thu, 06 Nov 1997 13:24:22
The Bottom of the Hill show was extremely entertaining and well-attended. It was great to see Nat, Jim & Dave rockin' out. Didn't stay for the encores, but the main part of the show held no surprises: opened with 'Let Them Eat Rock', did 'Ne'er-do-well', 'Lord Fauntleroy', 'Boudoir', 'Vulgar Tongue' etc... At one point, Nat's guitar became inaudible in the mix & the band basically stopped playing, as he searched for the cause. Much to the good Lord's dismay, he realized he had kicked something loose or off, yet his explanation was oh so gracious -- one of many amusing moments. Hope LA goes well & they come back to SF.

Thu, 6 Nov 1997 11:27:40
Just caught the show at the Bottom of the Hill in SF last night. UC was great-- my first live exposure. It was a decent crowd, most of whom probably didn't know who they were. Not sold out though. Sucky publicity I suppose. About 15 of us fans had been waiting for weeks.

Tue, 4 Nov 1997 12:28:52
In addition to being a great fan of the Crust, I am also a resident of Wash., DC... I just want to send Lord Rockingham a note letting him know that there are many "subjects" of his here in the City whom are glad to welcome him and wish him luck with his new post.

Mon, 03 Nov 1997 17:30:42
Hey GREAT Site!!! I caught the Middle East November 1st show and it rocked!! I haven't seen them since the fisticuffs show at the Middle East. There was another show early on in which an altercation ensued. At the Causeway in Boston some townie jock boy rowdies wouldn't let anyone leave the club. They were extremely drunk and being assholes. The Crust--wanting to load out busted through the door and took hold of the situation. Final tally--Nat 3; Townies 0!! The funniest thing was that Janota was still in makeup!
You neglected to mention the Gravediggers--a one time Halloween show in which the Clamdiggers rewrote all their songs--can't remember where this took place though, or any of the songs for that matter...
The Mid East show was the first time I saw them with the Count, and I'll tell ya, it was like night and day. There was a thunderous driving bass throughout that really propelled the band. -- Sir Slacksenhosen

Sun, 2 Nov 1997 20:52:16
Great page. Being a UC fan in the midwest is tough...at least now there's a place to turn for updates on the best Roque band out of Boston.

I've got more, but this is all I have time to put up for now. Meanwhile, be sure to write me at crust@juvalamu.com with your own comments, or you can use this form.

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