Upper [unwigged!] Crust

The members of the Upper Crust will not be unfamiliar to close followers of the Boston music scene. Beneath the wigs, ruffles, and knickers are musicians who have been involved in many other bands.

When you know the whole story behind the Upper Crust, it almost makes sense. Lord Bendover and the Duc D'Istortion had been playing together in the Titanics, which evolved into the Satanics. Lord Rockingham and the Marquis de Roque had been playing together in Mente and the Paesanos. If nothing else, it could be said that each of these bands shared a certain sense of humour, a belief that "rock 'n' roll should be funny and stupid" as Lord Bendover puts it. Combine these musicians with ex-Bag and Lyre Jackie Kickassis, arguably the best drummer in New England (at least) and demented enough in his own right to come up with the idea of the Upper Crust, and the result seems inevitable. And what happens when a new bass player is needed? Count Bassie, co-founder of the label that released their debut CD, ably fills those big-buckled shoes.

To learn more about the storied past of your favorite noble, simply click on his name. You can also find out a little bit about how the members of the Crust pass the time when there's no roquing to be done.

L ord Bendover
L ord Rockingham
T he Duc d'Istortion
J ackie Kickassis
C ount Bassie
T he Marquis de Roque

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