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Where else can you go on the Web for Crust-related info? The Upper Crust's new label, Emperor Norton, now has a site available. In addition, one of the original Upper Crust web sites is back! Visit Sid Probstein's site at http://www2.thecia.net/users/prob/crust/.

You'll probably also find these links to be of interest...

The aforementioned Sid Probstein's excellent Bags page!

When not appearing as Count Bassie with the Upper Crust, Chris Cote can be seen strumming the six-string in "Boston's hottest Surf-Spy-Lounge Rock band," Seks Bomba!

The Boston Phoenix has a few articles that mention the Upper Crust.

Check out this quite amusing review of the 12/7/96 Brownies show from SonicNet

I first heard the Upper Crust thanks to WFMU, and they continue to play the new CD, so you should visit their site and send them money and stuff.

If you like the Upper Crust, chances are you'll like some of the links you can find in The Garage!

Don't know what to do with yourself since the Crust aren't playing? If you're in the greater New York City area, check out Blair's NY Concert Calendar.

Like the look of the Upper Crust's CDs? Why not visit the designer, Big Blue Ox.

More to come...

Please direct all enquiries to your Web serf, crust@juvalamu.com.

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