Upper [Lord Bendover] Crust

His Lordship With a keen songwriting wit honed in his earlier bands, a face that was seemingly born to sneer, and a trust fund from his grandmother (the daughter of Joseph Pulitzer), Nat Freedberg -- that's Lord Bendover to you -- truly was to the manner born.

Nat has been playing in bands since at least the early '80s, including the Flies, the Titanics, and the Satanics. Nat was joined by the Duc d'Istortion in the latter two bands, and the two of them eventually found themselves in the Clamdiggers with the other original Upper Crusties. Nat and the Duc seem to share a similar musical sensibility, and his voice is an excellent counterpoint to the power chords we all enjoy. Some of Nat's musical influences might be hinted at by the covers he's chosen for his bands over the years: the Flies covered the Rolling Stones, Carl Perkins, and the garage-rock chestnut "I'm In Pittsburgh (And It's Rainin')"; the Titanics covered a Captain Beefheart song.

At the live shows Nat is the consummate front man/petulant noble, bantering and caviling with the audience and his fellow band members. With the release of The Decline and Fall..., many of Nat's songs have now been committed to shiny aluminum. These include the masterpiece "Who's Who Of Love" and most of the other the songs on Let Them Eat Rock (all but "Minuet" and "RSVP"), as well as "Tell Mother I'm Home," "Cream of the Crust," "Persona Non Grata," "Rabble Rouser," and more on the newer album. Popular favorites from the live shows that have yet to be recorded include "Heirloom" and "Luncheon."


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