Upper [Count Bassie] Crust

When original bassist the Marquis de Roque left the Crust in the spring of 1996, the band needn't have looked any further for a replacement than their own record label.
Though he no longer works there, Chris Cote is one of the co-founders of the Upstart label, which is part of the Rounder records group based in Somerville, MA. Chris doesn't say much when he's on stage -- although he did once refer to those of us in the audience as "ill-bred persons" -- but he's still a treat to watch. His facial expressions suggest that he's barely tolerating the indignity of being forced to perform for the undeserving masses. "He looks like he smells something bad," one concertgoer observed, "and I think it's us."

Count Bassie's debut with the Crust was on April 11, 1996 at the now-defunct club Ultrasound in Toronto. This show, along with a couple of others in Canada, also included vocal turns by the Count on "Minuet" and "Gold Plated Radio" since Lord Rockingham was not able to make the trip. More recently, the Count has been spotted singing "Beauty Spot" in Los Angeles as well as the new tune "Matron," which recounts the sad tale of a winsome young courtesan who has aged less than gracefully -- "they call her Matron now."

The Count has been most generous in sharing his thoughts with this site. Following the two shows at the Fleet Center, he proclaimed:    "Our recent concerts with the Aerosmith were very fine, though with such a large and potentially volatile crowd of commoners one must keep one's wits (and dagger) close at hand. Certainly we were careful not to inflame the wrong passions. Kickassis' nouveau riche heart was inflamed when he reunited with Liv Tyler. I myself spent the days following tabulating the real meaning of the shows with some associates at La Banque du Monde, in Geneva"

On returning from the Upper Crust's West Coast swing last fall, the Count commented:   " [My] experience on the west coast was pleasurable largely for Climactic reasons but more significantly for the constant air of debauchery. I find this a most restorative balm for the pallor and ennui oft' afflicting men of high station and privilege. To speak of the performances, I found in myself the usual odd mixture of contempt, gratitude and fleeting sexual frisson. We had the notable pleasure of performing for "Vaginal Creme Davis" a 7 foot tall black transvestite at 'The Garage.' Certainly a career high point."
The Count
When not dressing up in velvet knickers, Chris can be found behind the guitar in "Boston's hottest Surf-Spy-Lounge Rock band," Seks Bomba! But you didn't hear that from me.


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