Upper [Marquis de Roque] Crust

The Marquis de Roque is known in real life as Marc Mazzarelli, or simply "Mazz." He played with Lord Rockingham in Mente and the Paesanos before the two of them hooked up with the other three original Crust members to form the Clamdiggers.
Mazz left the band sometime following the altercation between Lord Bendover and an allegedly ill-bred audience member at a show in March '96. His legacy lives on, however, as he can be heard on some of the tracks on The Decline and Fall.... While in the Crust Mazz was also working as a landscape architect; I presume he is continuing this line of work. If you know otherwise, or are aware of any music projects Mazz is involved in, please e-mail me.


Please direct all enquiries to your Web serf, crust@juvalamu.com.

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