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Trashmen Tribute Double Crown Records has released the long-awaited Trashmen tribute, Takin' Out The Trash! This b-b-b-b-b-blockbuster platter includes the Youth's rendition of "Bird Dance Beat," plus other great Trash-y tributes from the likes of the Neanderthals, the Woggles, the Boss Martians, the Saturn 5, and tons more! Special Offer! Order now direct from Double Crown, and receive a bonus promo 7" with The Tacoma Four (aka The Boss Martians) doing "Malaguena" and Fortune & Maltese's version of "King Of The Surf,", neither of which will be on the CD! (The 7" also includes the Youth and Neanderthals/Phantom 5ive tracks from the full-length album.) For all the details, visit the Double Crown Records web site.
New Deke Dickerson  album Deke Dickerson and the Ecco-phonics have a new album out on Hightone. The name of this newest sonic sensation is More Million Sellers, and it's available now from CDnow. Check out Deke's bio at Hightone's site, and while you're there see if he's on tour.

Also, look for "I Don't Want You"/"Don Stole My Girl" on a label to be named later.

Cool stuff out now!

Youth Runs Wild! From the good folks at Norton Records, it's the latest long-player from the Untamed Youth, Youth Runs Wild! (Click on the title or the image to read all about it!)
Double Crown 45 Double Crown Records (formerly known as Continental) released a 45 with "Since You Went Away" b/w "Come on Down to my Boat -- and for you collectors, some of 'em are on official PBR blue and white colored vinyl!

Estrus Records released a compilation called 26 Excellent Estrus Spicey Sizzlers! It features "Fire Breathing '32" from the Planet Mace album, along with -- uh -- 25 other Sizzlers! No track listing here, but with a name like Estrus it has to be good! And the best part? It's less than five bucks! You can get it now at

Dionysus Records has released a various artists comp called Tiger Mask Trash Au Go-Go which includes a previously unavailable Untamed Youth track! It's "Fight Fire" (yep, the Golliwogs song - you can hear the original on the Nuggets box set) and it's from the Youth's very first recording session ever in early '87 (the same one that produced "Minor Chaos"). This album is out now, so harass your local music provider! Or, just buy it online.

Deke goes solo! You already read about Deke's new album at the top of this page... his first Hightone release is still available.

Check out Gearhead Mag #6 for an exclusive split single with the Youth and SCOTS! The Youth perform "My General Lee," a tribute to Deke's passion for the Dukes of Hazzard (which is detailed extensively in an article by Deke hisself elsewhere in that ish); the SCOTS track is called "Tidewater Jack." These two tracks are only available on this 45!

"F.u.j.i.m.o.," one of the great instro tracks from 1997's Planet Mace platter, appears on Rock Don't Run, Vol. 3 on Spinout Records.

For you surfin' font collectors, go out and get the Tiki Type CD-ROM from House Industries! It's got eight fonts, 12 exotic clip art images, plus a Tiki Tee and the Estrus Surfin' Tiki music sampler! That's where the Youth come in, natch; it's got "F.u.j.i.m.o.," and "Ghost Wave," both of which appeared on Planet Mace! (The music portion of the CD also features tracks from Man... Or Astroman?, Satan's Pilgrims, and other Estrus acts.)

Bikini World, released last fall by Repeat/Relativity, includes the Youth's rendition of a Trashmen tune called "Tube City." This recording was made back in 1991 by the first California line-up of the Untamed Youth, featuring Deke and Mace plus Greg Hunt (now of the Bomboras) on guitar and Dave Stuckey (he was the Dave in the Dave and Deke Combo) behind the kit. This version of the Youth only recorded four songs, and they've always been kinda hard to find. Well, now you can pick up "Tube City" on this comp! You'll also find tracks by SCOTS, Laika & the Cosmonauts, the Phantom Surfers, the Boss Martians, the Bomboras and Los Straitjackets. Check it out!

Be sure to check out the details on the most recent album, Youth Runs Wild! Don't miss the behind-the-scenes stories about the making of this platter!

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