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Got some time to kill before the pizza delivery guy shows up? Follow any of the sophisticated international links below and you're sure to have a ball! Don't forget to listen for the doorbell...

Note: this is hardly an exhaustive list, but we had to start somewhere! We'll be adding more over the next few days, including sections for radio stations and record labels. Meanwhile, for the be-all and end-all of links to like-minded bands and related sites, don't miss Steve Coleman's Prepare To Enter The Garage!

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______________c l o s e   p e r s o n a l   f r i e n d s______________

Ecco-Fonic Records - check out Deke Dickerson's label, and while you're at it see his Guitar Gallery Hall Of Fame and learn how a record is made!
The Boss Martians - Check out this Pacific Northwest combo, now sporting the Youth's own Joel Trueblood on drums!
Show Me The Untamed Youth! - your wish is Norton Records' command!
Pabst! Blue! Ribbonnnnnn! - They don't call it amber, they don't call it porter - they just call it beer!
j u v a l a m u . c o m - Follow the links to other sites of interest to Untamed Youth fans. (Do I flatter myself by including my personal site in this group? Probably, but we'll just consider this a perk of doing the site for them.)
the Valentine Killers - Joel "Jet" Trueblood's sister Jill is the drummer for this Tacoma based band who describe themselves as "influenced by the primitive rawness of Northwest garage bands of the '60s while adding the sonic attack and attitude of '70s American Punk."

_____________a r t i c l e s   a b o u t   t h e   y o u t h_____________

Columbia Daily Tribune - The hometown paper pays tribute to the boys' perseverance in this multimedia extravaganza from October '97. And check out this article about Deke's solo album and their review of Youth Runs Wild.
Continental Magazine - From the folks who bring you Double Crown records. Check out none other than Mr. Deke Dickerson on the cover of issue #5!
Derrick Magazine - A story about the Untamed Youth, as well as an interview.
Feline Frenzy - Order Issue #12 and read an interview with none other than Steve "Sammy" Rager!
Little Cracked Egg - The Untamed Youth interview themselves!
micromag - The Untamed Youth are featured in Issue # 10!
The Teen Scene - Pick an issue, any issue. Odds are you'll find something about the Untamed Youth in there!

_____________________c o o l   c o m b o s_____________________

The Boss Martians - I know they're up there in the close personal friend section, but they're a band aren't they?!
Saturn V Featuring Orbit - They say they're the Youth's arch-enemies. You be the judge.
Southern Culture On The Skids - Home of fried chicken, banana puddin', and who knows what else! The Youth toured with 'em in May!
The Swingin' Neckbreakers - Mailman Tom Jorgensen has a bone to pick with wanton mailbox vandal Mace!

____________________f r i e n d l y   r a d i o____________________

The Barrage from the Garage - Free-form radio on a commercial station?! You've got to hear it to believe it.
Coffee 'n' Smokes - The best reason to wake up at 6am on Saturday. Or just don't go to sleep Friday night.
Radio Rumpus Room - An unholy mix of surf, hot rod, rockabilly, '60s garage, psych and trad/
The Wayback Machine - Hosts Kopper & Jaimz call it "High-Octane Rock 'n' Roll From Hell." In fact, it's from St. Louis.
WFMU - Arguably the best station in the nation, and they're all over the new Youth platter! Broadcasting via RealAudio 24 hours a day.

_______________l a b e l s ,   l a b e l s ,   l a b e l s_______________

Continental/Double Crown Records - It's a label! It's a zine! They've got stuff by (and about) the Youth!
Dionysus - God of wine, women, wild behavior, and fine rock 'n' roll.
Ecco-Fonic Records - just in case you missed it up there at the top!
Estrus Records - they've put out a bunch of stuff by the Youth!
Hightone Records - that's where you'll find Deke's new album.
Norton Records - What's the address for the web site? "Helloooo there, web site!"

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