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Youth Runs Wild!

Out Now: Youth Runs Wild!

That's right -- the boss cats and kittens at New York City recording powerhouse Norton Records have unleashed the newest Untamed Youth long-player on an unsuspecting public! You won't know what you're in for when you drop the needle down on this newest platter from the Youth, featuring:

Charlena  ·  Haunted Castle Party  ·  I Couldn't Care Less  ·  Red Line  ·  Full Blown 426 Hemi  ·  F-olding Money  ·  Iron Cross  ·  They Can't Call It Beer  ·  Lightnin' Louie  ·  Girl Happy  ·  I've Been Wrong Before  ·  Mace Has Got A Hot Rod Dart  ·  Where Did Kono Go?  ·  Dance Sammy Dance
(See label for sequence!)

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The Making Of Youth Runs Wild!

For this new release the band returned to the site of their past success: For The Record Studio in Orange CA, where Planet Mace was recorded. Tim Maag was the engineer; he twiddled the knobs on Planet Mace as well.

The band spent two straight 15-hour days in early March laying down the basic tracks for 19 new songs. (You mathematicians out there will notice that there's only 14 songs listed above! Hmm...) Deke stayed even later doing instrument overdubs. On the third day, Mace recorded the lead vocals to his two songs, "Where Did Kono Go?" and "They Can't Call It Beer." Fans of The Great One will be pleased to know that Mace also contributed spoken-word parts to "Mace Has Got A Hot Rod Dart" and "Iron Cross." Rager overdubbed the organ on Mace's songs, and Deke continued his instrument overdubs (including electric piano and sax). The whole band overdubbed the backing vocals and party noises on "Haunted Castle Party" and "Charlena."

When the band left the studio, only two songs were complete with lead vocals. There was a problem getting the right microphone, so about a week later Deke returned to the studio. Says Deke, "when we did the mixdown, we were planning on it taking about 10 hours, and we wound up being in the studio for 29 hours straight with no sleep! Yow! Man I was falling asleep in my van driving back home after that!"

Deke also recruited a special guest to sing some background vocals: Davie Allan, of the Arrows! "Before he ever plugged in a fuzztone, he cut his teeth playing session surf guitar and singing backups on the Hondells records," explains Deke. "I thought it would be kind of cool and bent to have the 'King of Fuzz' singing Beach-Boy style backing vocals on our album!"

Untamed Youth fans and anyone else who wants to know how cool and bent this new record is can pick it up now on the Norton label!

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