Gallery!The Untamed Youth!

The Untamed Youth were one of the highlights at Las Vegas Grind, over the Halloween '99 weekend. Here's your chance to re-live the memories -- or see what you missed (or both, depending on your state of mind that weekend!).

Do you have Untamed Youth pix from the Grind that you'd like to see here? E-mail the Untamed Webmaster at funk at juvalamu dot com and we'll tell you how!

Click on any of the small images below to see the full-size shot. All shots are either from the Youth performance on the night of October 30, 1999, or the Halloween festivities the next night. Check out Jeremy Harris' site for more Youth photos as well as pix of some of the other LVG bands!

Calm before the storm
All's quiet before the Youth take the stage
photo: Jeremy Harris
Old man
Deke's ready to go after he and the rest of the Youth hobbled on stage with the help of walkers
photo: Noland
Ho ho ho!
Could that be Santa Claus under there? Make that SAMta Claus!
photo: Jorge Ojeda
dancin' fool!
A rare photo of that whirling blur known as the "Sammy Dance!"
photo: Jorge Ojeda
Steve "Sammy" Rager makes sure to hit all the right keys
photo: Noland
Step on it
Deke pleases the crowd by putting his best foot forward.
photo: Jeremy Harris
Deke is mystified by Rager's phenomenal Farfisa fingerwork!
photo: Jeremy Harris
Say what?!
A different angle...
photo: Noland
ooh la la
Steve "Sammy" Rager wows Mace and special guest vocalist Cecilia "Boy And A Hot Rod" Meneau (from the No-Talents) with his fancy footwork
photo: Noland
fun strummin
Deke shows the results of a lifetime of studying the Kenny Rogers Quick Pickin' Fun Strummin' Home Guitar Course.
photo: Jeremy Harris
Mace plays on after ale-guzzling Churchkey Bill Peitsch learns it's Goofy Grape, not an eggplant.
photo: Jeremy Harris
Deke generously offers complimentary Pabst Blue Ribbon to the thirsty LVG crowd.
photo: Jeremy Harris
It's on me
Not to be outdone, Mace also tries to make some new friends.
photo: Jeremy Harris
That's all folks
The debris field left in the wake of Hurricane Youth.
photo: Jeremy Harris
Have you met Dave?
Deke on Halloween as a two-headed hillbilly. Unfortunately he made the mistake of attaching a second head that was apparently more attractive than the first!
photo: Chud Hagan
That's all folks
Somewhere in this tangle of legs is Mister Steve "Sammy" Rager
photo: ??

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The Untamed Youth!
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