The Gallery Of "Misused" Quotation Marks - Permanent Collection

This section of the Gallery contains all of our older works that are not presently featured in the current exhibits. Please use the links below to view these historic masterpieces.

The Early, or Naive, Period: Exhibits 9609.1 through 9711.1

The Yahooist Movement, Part I: Exhibits 9802.1 through 9802.32

The Yahooist Movement, Part II: Exhibits 9803.1 through 9803.46

The Yahooist Movement, Part III: Exhibits 9803.47 through 9803.95

The Early Post-Yahoo Period: Exhibits 9804.01 through 9805.21

The When-The-Hell-Is-This-Site-Ever-Updated Period: Exhibits 9806.01 through 9810.10

Please submit your favorite examples of "misused" quotation marks to me and I'll add them to the Current Exhibits. Kindly allow several eternities for your donation to be "processed."

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Last updated on July 28, 2000
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