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Neanderthals Discography

LPs/CDs _________________________

The Latest Menace To The Human Race
No Hit LP
Get Hip CD GH-1063

  1. Arula Mala Gati
  2. Werewolf From Outer Space
  3. Betty Lou's Got A New Tattoo
  4. No Brains
  5. Hula Baby
  6. Girl And A Hot Rod
  7. Jungle Zombies (Ate My Baby)
  8. Too Many Nights In The Gin Mill
  9. 2000 Pound Werewolf
  10. Twinkle Toes
  11. Ballbuster Baby*
  12. Mascara, Miniskirts and Madness*

    * CD Bonus Tracks

The Modern Stone-Age Family
Sundazed CD SC-11071

  1. Mastodon
  2. Shaggy Dog
  3. I Go Ape
  4. Tarzan
  5. Toe Rag Twitch
  6. Lurch
  7. Remember The Twist
  8. Do The Pig
  9. Flintstone Flop
  10. Rockin' In The Jungle
  11. King Of The Twist
  12. Neanderthal Twist
45s ____________________________

"Werewolf From Outer Space" b/w "Betty Lou's Got A New Tattoo"
Spinout 7" 0001


"Arula-Mata-Gali" b/w "Girl and a Hot Rod"
Spinout 7" 45-004


"Twinkle Toes" b/w "2000 Lb. Werewolf"
Norton 7" 45-038

EPs ____________________________

The Neanderthals Meet The Kaisers
Spinout 7"


Meet The Werewolf
Spinout 7" EP-010

Compilations ____________________

Tigermask Trash Au Go Go


Takin' Out the Trash
Double Crown