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woke up, got out of bed. dragged a comb across my head. found my way down stairs and drank a cup. looking up i noticed i was late... somebody spoke and i went into a dream:

Volume 3 Episode XXV (Condensed Cream of Barrage)

Declan Patrick Aloisious McManus: Pump It Up
Country Gentlemen: Saturday Night
Riverdales: Make Way
Boris The Sprinkler: Why Don't We Do It In The Dumpster
Four Teens: Spark Plug

All: Hot Rod Lincoln
Gregory's Funhouse: Crack 4 Crack
Fiendz: Go-Go Girl
Beguiled: I Walk Alone
Commercial for Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, by Marx
Guinny Vamps: He's Waitin'

Veruca Salt (no, not that Veruca Salt): I Want It Now (from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory)
Cookies: Wounded
Cynics: Yeah
Screaming Blue Messiahs: I Wanna Be A Flintstone (extended 12" Mix)
Cretins: Jenny Jenny
Sawney Bean: I Need Love
Chuck Berry: You Can't Catch Me
Mummies: Red Cobra #9

Upper Crust: Ne'er Do Well (Live On WMBR)
Jimmy Wayne: You Shake Me
Raunch Hands: Black Jack
Bonnie & Clyde Sndtrk - "I Ain't Much Of A Loverboy"
Frantic Flattops: Burnin' Love
Rev Horton Heat: Baby, I'm Drunk

Bent Scepters: She Freak
American Breed: It's Getting Harder
Smithereens: Got Me A Girl
Prissteens: Run Back To You
Merseys: Sorrow

Dragline: Full Grown Man
John Barry: Zip Zip
Charlie Walker: Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
Friends Of Dean Martinez: Monte Carlo
101 Strings: Trippin' On Lunar 7
Man...Or Astroman: Alien Visitors
Frank Sidebottom: Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
Scientists: I Am A Spaceman

Dick Contino & his Accordion: Twilight Time
Omega Men: Cat Robot
Knickerbockers: Lies (take 3)
Sonics: Boss Hoss
Superchunk: Night Creatures
Pussy Galore: NYC 1999

Sandler And Young: Mr Bass Man (French)
Beatle-ettes: Only Seventeen

Dj Phil O'Cyben: What A Shame Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Chex Party Mega Mix

Theme From Lost In Space(Movie)
My Favorite Martian Theme
Boss Martians: Martian Stomp

Jumpin' Jupiter: Bip Bop Boom
Malcolm Yelvington: Drinkin' Wine Spo-dee-o-dee
Amy Rigby: 20 Questions
Leon D Tarver: I'm A Young Rooster
Swell: Still Get High
Wireless: See Emily Play
Mod Fun: Turn It Around
Verbena: Old Junk For Fashion
Lunchbox: Insane

Martin Mull: They Never Met (Long Distance Dedication)
Bing Day: Mama's Place
Perry & Kingsley: Swan's Splashdown

Unknown: Fed Up
Psychotic Turnbuckles: 1969
Hysterics: Everything's There
Shane Faubert: Yesterday's Leaves
Revolving Paint Dream: Flowers In The Sky
King Kong Vs Godzilla Suite
Bagavad Gita: Long Hair And Soulful
Plan 9: Coloring In The Dark
Brian Jonestown Massacre: Super-sonic

Ozric Tentacles

it was though time had flashed before me. i recalled the "twilight zone" episode where burgess meredith was a shy, bespectacled, reserved little banker who only wanted to read, but there was no time. he snuck down to the vault room to finish a couple of chapters when an horrific nuclear explosion took place and he was the only person left. he had all the time he wanted and all the books he needed to read. his glasses broke... i waited for the rumble.

bc-t  4/5/98

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