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Barrage the Fourth!

Secret Agent Abe (a surfesque band with Higher Authority overtones), Orbit, Six-Finger Satellite and the "official" Man...or Astroman (minus Starcrunch)!

November 5, 1998 at the Saint in Asbury Park

The Saint is at 601 Main Street, Asbury Park, NJ. To get there, take the Garden State Parkway to Rte. 33 East. Follow that all the way to the end. Make a left turn onto Rt. 71 North (Main St.). The Saint will be on your left about five blocks down, at the corner of Monroe. For more info, call (732) 775-9144.

Previous live BftG shows:

Barrage the Third:

It was disorder in the Court as the Swingin' Neckbreakers, Sit 'n' Spin and the Mount McKinleys barraged the Court Tavern on Friday, October 16!

Barrage the Second:

Here are some cheesey live photos taken at the second Barrage From The Garage live show on Friday, April 3. (Click on the small image to see the full-size shot.)
Your host is the semi-legendary Bart Cross-Tierney (left).

As promised, it was a night of ferocious Farfisa, violent Vox and tenacious treble, featuring:

Mondo Topless!

mondo 1    mondo 2    mondo 3    mondo 4

The Omega Men!

omega 1    omega 2    omega 3    omega 4

The Bent Scepters!

bent 1    bent 2    bent 3    bent 4    bent 5    bent 6

(Apologies to Thee Casino Royales, but the webmaster/photographer had to get up very early the next morning, not to mention over a one hour drive.)

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Barrage the First:

Friday, March 6th at The Saint in Asbury Park, featuring:
Groovie Ghoulies    Donnas    Flatus

the Groovie Ghoulies, the Donnas and Flatus!

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