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it started with a glance, then a smile. it quickly evolved to fondling and caressing. the next thing i knew, it became...

Volume 3 Episode XXIV

Walkers: Crown, Cork & Stomp
Thankless Dogs: Stan The Man
Johnny Edwards: Rock 'n' Roll Saddle
Those Seaport Scouses: One After 909 (Take 2: True Stereo)
Odd Numbers: Criss Crossing

Pleasantries: Innocence, Ignorance
Gentrys: Brown Paper Sack
Galaboochies: It'Ll Never Work Out
The Tonics: Get It In Your Feet
Lick 57's: Story Of A Good Ol' Boy

'Phone Call From Kitty Vegas Of Space Gel

Iggy Pop: I Gotta Right (Take 1)
Dukes Of Hamburg: C'mon And Shake
Crazy Elephant: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
Freddy-O And The Hell Cats: Surf Monster

Specimen: Returning From A Journey (For Reg)
Ween: Tick
Sample From "Rebel Without A Cause"
Agent Orange: Tearing Me Apart
Smugglers: Rock And Roll Was Never This Fun
DC5: Any Way You Want It
Davie Allen & The Arrows: Chopper
Adam West: Story Of Batman
Gravedigger V: Spooky
Moonlighters: Rock-a-Bayou Baby
John Travolta!: Greased Lightning

Robins: Get It Off Your Mind
Contours: First I Look At The Purse
Soul Asylum: I Put A Spell On You
Joe Tex: I Gotcha
S.C.O.T.S.: Kudzu Limbo
Mavericks: Dance The Night Away

King Kerosene: Mary Jean's Gone Totally Crazy
Hwy 13: She's Got Everything
Josie Kreuzer: Wild Man
Janis Martin: Drugstore Rock 'n' Roll

Intro To Russ Meyer's "Mondo Topless"
Mondo Topless: I Want You
Omega Men: You'Ll Never Miss Me
Bent Scepters: Open Up Your Mind
Thee Casino Royales: Bring Me The Head Of Lee Van Cleef

Shameless Plug For "BftG" Live Show #2

Serene Dominic & the Semi-Finalists: $100 Weekend
Gentrys: Wild, Wild, Wild
Hot Boogie Chillin': Shot Of Love
Dean & Jean: Hey Jean, Hey Dean
Swingin' Neckbreakers: Wait
Schoolhouse Rock: Interjections!
Parasites: Wild Youth
Phantom Rats: Little Baby

Observation On Television's Instant Tragedy Coverage
Rockphonics: Film At 11
Kingsmen: Don't You Just Know It
Neptunas: Faster Pussycat, Kill!, Kill!
Sit 'n' Spin: Goodbye
Ann Margaret: I Just Don't Understand

Dj Phil O' Cyben: Sitar-day Night Arrives W/A Refreshed Brassy Beat

Godfrey: Let's Take A Trip
ESB: Mushroom People
Vipers: Now, I Remember
Frankie Lane: Jezebel

Pussy Galore: Dick Johnson
Phantom V: She's Not...
Insomniacs: Crystal Clear
Sandy Nelson: A Rockin' Party
Frantic Flattops: Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out

13 Frightened Girls: Smoke This And Walk
Frampton Bros.: Like An Oliver Stone
Hilly Michaels: Calling All Girls

Let Downs: Hot Topic
Young Fresh Fellows: Doin' The Banana Split
Mamas & Papas: I Saw Her Again
Montgomery Cliffs: She Said

Alice B. Talkless: Unknown Cassette Demo
Minors Of Muzo: Night Of The Minors
Good Feelings: Shattered
Lee West & The 4 Commandments: Can You Get Me Out Of This Place

Ernie Kovacs: Hotcakes & Sausage
Ben Vaughn Combo: Sleepless Nights
Buddy Knox: Ling-ting-tong
Fathoms: Turquoise Blue (And Primer Gray)

"'and now you know the words,' she added, as she put her head down on alice's shoulder, 'just sing it through to me. i'm getting sleepy too.' in another moment both were fast asleep, and snoring loud."
     - lewis carrol 'through the looking glass'

bc-t  3/29/98

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