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while scanning a room full of toys to while away a few precious hours on a saturday night, i saw the one that i really wanted to play with:

Volume 3 Episode XXII

Butch Hancock, Marcie Lacoture And Band: Like A Kiss On The Mouth
Sweet Baby: Let's Talk About The Girl
Tommy Sands: Teenage Crush
Mr T Experience: She's Coming Over

Mac Curtis: Hey Pretty Girl
Bill Wyman (yeah, that one): Come Back Suzanne
Sounds Unlimited: Gotta Get Away
Sawney Bean: It's Klobberin' Time
Rezillos: Glad All Over

Go-Nuts: Snik Snak Skaduliac
Murmaids: Popcicles Icicles
Donnas: Wanna Get Some Stuff
WWII Morale promo for the Pin-Up Girl
Buzzcocks: What Do I Get?
Kwyet Kings: Somebody Like You

Cochran Bros.: Tired And Sleepy
Scots: Daddy Was A Preacher, Mama Was A Go-Go Girl
Flamin' Groovies: Down Down Down
Surf Trio: Wine, Wine,Wine
T-Bone Walker: Hypin' Women Blues
Teengenerate: Don't Come Close To Me
Electric Frankenstein: Teenage Shut Down
Amboy Dukes: Journey To The Center Of The Mind

Boss Martians: Martian Hop
Thee Casino Royales: Infiltration
Theme From Super-Marionation's "Stingray"
Space Cadets: Awakadoowakadoo (Bob McCallister Reference To Kids Are People Too)
Speed Crazy: Train Wreck
Gunter Lee Carr: We're Gonna Rock

Mystic Five: Are You For Real Girl?
Fiends: Get Off My Back
Ready Men: Shortnin' Bread
Nine Pound Hammer: Oh, That's Good No, That's Bad

Fathoms: Shark Waves
Leather-clad Hamburg Fabs: Cry For A Shadow (I was there!!!)
Jr. Brown: Surf Medley
Untamed Youth: Drag Race Tragedy (Live in Las Vegas)

Hectics: Tokyo Hotel
Sit 'n' Spin: I'm Sick
Doris Day: Roly Poly (from Pillow Talk sndtrk)
Georgia Gibbs: 9 Out Of 10 Girls

Business: Suburban Rebels
Swinging Utters: I Got Your Number
Guitar Wolf: Planet Of The Wolves
Theme From The Man From United Network Command For Law And Enforcement (Stereo)
Pot Party Film Strip Sndtrk
Fools: Psycho Chicken (clucked version)
Guitar Slim: Cackel

Nashville Pussy: Hot Rod Johnny (For TN Kitty)
High Fives: Slow Down
CCR: Sweet Hitch-Hiker
Myron Lee: Peter Rabbit (for Flopsy, Mopsy And Cottontail)

Cosmic Psychos: Lead Me Astray
Girl Trouble: Gonna Find Me A Cave (Sub Pop single)
Outsiders: She's Comin' On Stronger

Marshmallow Overcoat: The Woods
Mondo Topless: Dragstrip
Gonn: Blackout Of Gretely
King Missle: She Didn't Want
Yeah Yeah: Mrs Quill
Semi-Beings: I'm Alone
Pell Mell: Red Rhythm

Pink Fairies: Portabello Shuffle
Dizzy Satelites: Time Has Come
Walkabouts: Stir The Ashes
Satans: Surf Rat
Napoleon The XIV: aaah-ha yawA eM ekaT oT gnimoC er'yehT (Warner Single b-side)
Madame X: Funnel Of Love

Dub Narcotic Sound System: Shake-a-Puddin'
Tipsy: Liquordelic
Synthetic Sox: Tree
Oranj Symphonette: Experiment In Terror
Modern Lovers: I'm Straight
Jimmy Liggins: No More Alcohol
Taj Mahal: Ain't Nobody's Business
"My God, the baby-sitter's acid is goin' outta my head fat boy"
Don't Trip On This At Home Mix - dj Phil O'Cyben

Pastels: Baby Honey
Leaving Trains: Come
Fleshtones: Shadowline (for Spike)
Drumming On Glass: All The Colors

Assortment of Can-ned Goods

with a gathering of run down batteries and broken toys surrounding me and no one else to play with, i reached for the etch-a-sketch and left...

bc-t  3/8/98

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