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the following collection of assorted bumps, moans and groans were transmitted through me during:

Volume 3 Episode XX

Jet Tones: Jet Tone Boogie
Boatrapmen: Boatrap Girl
Buddy Knox: C'mon Baby
Wretched Ones: These Four Walls
Gurly Rash: Bubblegum Boogie
'placemats: Color Me Impressed
Teengenerate: Sex Cow

Groovie Ghoulies: Graveyard Girlfriend
Big Drill Car: Mag Wheel
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet: Having An Average Weekend
Tyrones: Blastoff
Burning Bush: Recycle

Cramps: Bop Pills
Bomboras: Guitar Grinder
Paul Revere & The Raiders: Ballad Of A Useless Man
Ralph Martiere: Skokiaan

Young Fresh Fellows: We're The Best
John Kongos: He's Gonna Step On You Again
Home Grown: Face In The Crowd

Nashville Pussy: Hot Rod Johnny
Splitsville: Let's Go
Devil Dogs: Whip It Out
New Dimensions: Bongo Shutdown
John Brown: Ice Cream Man
Original Sins: Goin' Out Of My Head
Insomniacs: Crystal Clear

Humpers: Sarcasmatron
Elvis Hitler: Hot Rod To Hell
Trashmatics: Rpm
Vanity Fare: Hitchin' A Ride
Marble Orchard: Nova'69

Thee Casino Royales: Escape To Bikini Island
Jan & Dean: Jennie Lee
Space Cossacks: The Cossack
Fathoms: Tracking Bigfoot
Flamin' Groovies: Jumpin' In The Night
Honeymooners sample - Hello, Ball
Chubby Checker: Hucklebuck
Radio Report - Jayne Mansfield's Death
Swinging Neckbreakers: Girl Can't Help It
Upper Crust: Rabble Rouser
Cactus: Let Me Swim

Swamp Rats: Psycho
Sonics: Santa Claus
Dramarama: Questions
Mono Men: Ain't No Friend Of Mine

Horace Pinker: Mrs. Maffo
Harptones: You Know You Done Me Wrong
Undertones: Let's Talk About Girls
Donnas: Speed Demon
Apollas: You're Absolutely Right
5,6,7,8s: One Potato

Hasil Adkins: She Said
Pajama Slave Dancers: Bare Naked In Bed
Hi-Fi And The Roadburners: Gotta Get Outta My Way
Ravenna & The Magnetics: Turning Tide
Buck Owens: Waitn' In Your Welfare Line

Joe "King" Carrasco & The Crowns: Buena
Lyres: I Really Want You Right Now
Boyce & Hart: I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight
Beguiled: I Walk Alone
Defilers: Won't Get Far

Four Preps: Letter To The Beatles
Oneders: Little Wild One
Eric "Ricky & The Tooth" Carmen: No Hard Feelings
Vandalias: Funky Monkey Baby (Live)

Los Primos: On My Floor
Teengenerate: Wild Weekend
Eddie And The Hot Rods: Teenage Depression
Partridge Family: I Woke Up In Love This Morning

Tom Slick Cartoon: Motorized Skateboard Racing

Kiriae Crucible: Salem Witch Trial
Nomads: Driving Sideways On A One Way Street
Honeymoon Killers: Love Bandit
Die Hallucinogen Maus: Blink Of An Eye
Gregg G Brown: Arthur, Arthur
Joe Frank: Somewhere Out There/ From WFMU


an other worldly visitation occurs at this point and conducts what appeared to be an "examination" on the conduit subject... wait for the video tape

bc-t  2/22/98

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