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spiritualized awakenings and one too many chili dogs has produced the following set list referred to by the working class as:

Volume 3 Episode XVIII

Diaboliks: Groove And Grind
Joe Turner (before he was "big"): Jumpin' Tonight
Hi-Fi & the Roadburners: Get Up And Go!
Splash 4: Ex-Lion Tamer

The Donnas: Rock And Roll Machine
Groovie Ghoulies: Graceland
Buck Owens: Johnny B. Goode (live)
Parasites: Love Me Too
the Fab Four: Hello Little Girl (Decca)
Evelyn Forever: Rock And Roll Girl

Johnny Quest: Speed Is All You Need
Sticks And Stones: Still
Felix Unger/Oscar Madison: Together
Love Gas: Spit Tripper
Fleshtones: Panic
George Jones: Rock It!

Sam The Sham & the Pharoahs: Monkey See, Monkey Do
Betty Hall Jones: This Joint Is Too Hip For Me
Weston: Just Like Me
Screeching Weasel: Compact Disc
Smugglers: Trouble
Invasion: Do You Like What You See
Element 79: 5 Years Behind
(some assorted swirls and concentric circles inserted)
Big Danny Oliver: Sapphire
Mummies: Dirty Robber
Ravenna & the Magnetics: The Turning Tide

Jamie Hartford: What About Yes?
Rave Ups: In My Gremlin
Hot Boogie Chillin': Dirty Robber
Nighthawks: Big Top
Electric Frankenstein: Teen-age Shut Down
Volcano Suns: Greasy Spine

BMX Bandits: We're Gonna Shake You Down
Bent Scepters: The Eagle Has Landau
Omega Men: You'll Never Miss Me
Mondo Topless: Leave Me Alone
(sixties Polaroid "Swinger" commercial)
Dino, Desi & Billy: Rebel Kind
Delta 72: Go Go Kitty
Smears: Don't Mess With Him
Jack Jones: Wives And Lovers
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments: My Mysterious Death
Nightcrawlers: Little Black Egg (stereo)
Apples In Stereo: We'll Come To Be

Sit 'n' Spin: I'm Sick
Rumblers: Boss
Ostrich GT: Chrysler 440
Gigolo Aunts: Cope
Napalm Beach: Potential Suicide

Odes: All Talk, No Action
April Stevens: Touch Me, Tiger
(Original Soundtrack): Deep Throat theme
Mink DeVille: Cadillac Walk
Little Jr. Parker: I Wanna Ramble
Aqua-Velvets: Spanish Blue

Psychedelic Furs: India
Wildhearts: Sick Of Drugs
Papas Fritas: Small Rooms
Standells: Hey Joe Where You Goin'

Frantic Johnny Rodgers: Sassy
Dash Rip Rock: Livin' The Lie I Love
Kaptain Kopter & the Twirlybirds: Downed
Bobby Womack: Across 110th St.
(sample from "Jackie Brown") Harry "the hipster" Gibson: Two Cats
Velvelettes: He Was Really Sayin' Something
Greek Fountains: Experimental Terror
Fuzztones: 125
(Timothy Leary expundants)
Bevis Frond: High In A Flat
Jet Black Berries: Shadowdrive
Nomads: Mainstream
Whirling Dervishes: Everyone's An Artist ("Hi, I'm Bob, I'm Don, I'm Dan, I'm Bob, we're the Whirling Dervishes")

Everlasting Belt Co.: Checkering
Neighborhoods: Electricity
(fifties commercial: "live better electrically")
Epic Trash: Michael Jackson's Zoo
Jasmine Minks: Cut Me Deep
Santiago Tamura: Ultra-man Ska
Aqua-Velvets: Swamp-a-billy Hop


From the corner of my eye, I could see a different reality approaching. Rather than embrace the unknown, I chose to take the path of least resistance and succumb.

bc-t  2/8/98

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