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throughout the usual natural disasters and social and political unrest which seem to permeate our planet, there are small, sometimes unnoticed, phenomena that continue to motivate us towards the goals we strive for.   this one is:

Volume 3 Episode XVII

Forgotten Rebels: Little Girl Thrills
Upper Crust: Beauty Spot
Pandoras: Hot Generation

Mondo Topless: I Want You
Omega Men: She Comes In Colors
Bent Scepters: Eagle Has Landau

Bill Bowen: Have Myself A Ball
NRBQ: Rain At The Drive-In
Jim Lowe & the High Fives: Behind The Green Door
Boardwalkers: The Angry Breed
Space Cossacks: Red Sunrise
Mummies: Red Cobra #9

Definition Of Sound: Wear Your Love Like Heaven
Edwin Starr: 25 Miles
Fleshtones: Blow Job
Tigerlilies: Soul Kiss

Oblivians: Do The Milkshake
The Candymen Orchestra: And They Twisted On
Girl Trouble: Poison Betty
Jason & the Scorchers: 19th Nervous Breakdown
10' Pole: Racer X
Matthew Sweet: Speed Racer (Cassette)

Thee Headcoates: Every Day
Cletus: Beer
Dc5: Over And Over
Ramones: I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Demo)
Crazy Teens: Crazy Date
Joe Tex: You Got What It Takes
Russ Meyer's Lorna Sndtrk: Wham Bam Thank You Man
The Toppers: Baby Let Me Bang Your Box

Fells: Get Uptight
Leroi Bros: Darlene Darlene
Fleshtones: God Damn It
Tyrones: Blast Off
Fiendz: Wact
Naked Raygun: Understand?

Four O'Clock Bakoon: I Need You
Fuzztones: Ward 81
Trolls: Every Day And Every Night
Phantom V: Better Than Before
Shambles: Innocence Becomes You
Electric Frankenstein: Electrify Me

Shadows: Shadoogie
Fathoms: Man Of Mystery
Space Cossacks: Space Probe
Man...Or Astroman?: Erik Estrotica
That Petrol Emotion: Swamp

Grifters: Radio Suicide
Victims Of The Pestilence: Flowers
Timothy Leary (Expounding): Live And Let Live
Negativland: Bite Back

Disco Inferno: Second Language
Spacemen 3: Walking With Jesus
Laughing Soup Dish: For The Yesterdays
Hang Ups: So We Go

Insomniacs: O'clock O'clock
Spiders: Don't Blow Your Mind
Styrenes: Outer Limits
Royaltones: Poor Boy
Jack Marshall: Munsters Theme
Omega Men: Main Theme
Charlie Chesterman: Jaguar Tan

Sndtrk: 2001

a figure then appears at the garage door and beckons me come hither. a sense of overwhelming completeness compels me...
or maybe it was just the cops coming to tell me to turn it down....

bc-t  2/1/98

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