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a disillusioned youth bursts forth from the comforts of a home that once held, comforted and nurtured. with nothing but the uniform of the day and a pack of camels; wanders through the dark of night with:

Volume 3 Episode XV

Dipsomaniacs: Get Off My Bike
Thee Wyld: Why Ain't Love Fair
Blitz Babies: Worlds Apart
Johnny Mesquite: Ugly
Marv Rainwater: Baby, I Dig You

Parasites: Ronnie Is A Psycho
Patty Duke: Say Something Funny
Speedball Baby: Drug Owl
Link Wray: Comanche (w/studio chatter)

Insomniacs: Feel Feel Feel
Avengers: I Told You So
Kim Fowley: The Trip
Burl "Block Rockin' Beats" Ives: Blue Tail Fly
Bobby Fuller IV: Love's Made A Fool Of Me
Mondo Topless: Amazon Queen
Flamin' Groovies: Don't You Lie To Me
Ralph Johnson & The Hillbilly Showboys: Henpecked Daddy
Lazy Cowgirls: Frustration, Tragedy & Lies
Groovie Ghoulies: Graveyard Girlfriend (Orange Vinyl)

Agent Orange: Tiki T
Secret Agent Abe: Malibu Abe
Annette: Surfer's Holiday
Space Cossacks: Journey To The Stars

Swingin' Neckbreakers: Action Kid
Billy Grover: The Shag
BBQ Bob And The Spare Ribs: Looking For A Girl
Untamed Youth: Sea And Shore

Oasis: All Around The World
Fab IV: It's All Too Much (Unreleased Pepperland)
Joe Diffie: Bigger Than The Fabs
Cracker: Golden Age

FZ: Disco Boy

Sex Pistols: Pretty Vacant
Gizmos: Muff Divin' In The Wilkie South
Ohio Express: 1-2-3-Red Light
Go To Hells: Chevy #2 Nova
Black Sabbath: Supernaut (You Wish, Reznor)
Iggy: Your Pretty Face
Asylum: TV Eye

Big 6: We're Gonna Rock It
Al Hirt: Java
Ian Whitcomb: You Turn Me On
Punkture: Auntie Pop
Woodies: In Search Of New Jersey
Lorne "Ben" Greene: Bonanza
Haskells: Media Whore

Gas Money: Cool Down
Sleaze Sisters: Bubble Bomb
Elvis: Hard Knocks

Papas Fritas: We Got All Night
Rip Chords: Hot Rod USA
M-80's: '57 Nomad

Nomads: Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
Upper Crust: Rock & Roll Butler
Jim Shaw: Rockin' Boppin' Teen-Ager
John Barry: Skid Row
Buck Owens: Before You Go

a semi-demonic mixture of beats which may or may not rock blocks and Himalayan villager chants with native instruments and a constant drone of the tambura and flute-a-phone combined with the sound of thousands of cotton balls hitting a linoleum floor after being dropped from a height of 3'

Lemon Pipers: Through With You
Silver Apples:
Mekons: Hey Susan

Spacemen 3: Take Me To The Other Side
Fleetwood Mac: Danny's Chant
Bevis Frond: Hillview
Move: The Minister
Brood: Don't Want To

Space Negroes: We Will Fall

it appeared that some local gnomes had become curious and were drawn to the flashing lights coming from the garage. together we strolled through the morning mist discussing the obvious differences between gnomes, elves, leprechauns, pixies and fairies. but first we cleaned up the cotton balls...

hey, what ever happened to that kid?

bc-t  1/25/98

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