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The following is a somewhat reasonable facsimile of the set list created on the "Barrage From The Garage" for:

Volume 3 Episode XIX

Buzzcocks: Orgasm Addict
Absolute 0: Always Something There To Remind Me
Hot Boogie Chillin': Yes Or No
Sloppy Seconds: Homosexual

Foob & the Grasshoppers: Hey Caveman
Hoodoo Gurus: Dig It Up
Crazy Teens: Crazy Date
Craig Ross: Mudslide

Fells: Let's Go
The Business: Loud, Proud and Punk
Rock-a-Teens: Woo-Hoo
Kingsmen: La Do Da-do

Shoes: Don't Do This To Me
Sundrops: Pull The Chords
The Bats: I Go Wild!

Beguiled: She-Devil Rock
Smears: Get Off Your High Horse
Cramps: All Women Are Bad
Patsy Cline: Stop, Look and Listen
Sesame Street: Ma-na Ma-nah
Modern Lovers: Old World
Stereolab: Super-Electric

Bobby Fuller IV: Miserlou ("whoever she is")
Volcanos: Surfin' St. Helens
Freddy King: Sen-sa-Shun

Overwhelming Colorfast: Toss Up
Jethro Tull: Love Story
Cynics: You Got The Love
Fleshtones: Goddammit
Elvis: Adam & Evil
Simpletones: I Had A Date

Monty Python: Every Sperm Is Sacred
Happy Flowers: Pickin' Scabs
Groovie Ghoulies: Tunnel Of Love
In-sect: The Styler
Lord High Fixers: Poppa Hoodoo
Daryll Vincent: Havin' A Wild Party
Swingin' Neckbreakers: Rip It, Rip It Up
Trashmen: Ubangi Stomp
Turbo-ACs: I Don't Care

Bad Brains: I Against I
Screeching Weasel: Racist Society
the Fab Four: Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
Agent Orange: Unsafe At Any Speed
Fastbacks: Swallow My Pride
Zeke: It's Alright

Young Lords: Tearin' Up My Heart
Nobody's Children: Junco's Partner
Primitives: Crash (demo)
Guitar Wolf: Kawasaki Z-11 750 Rock 'n' Roll
Misfits: Black Light
Greensleep: Society Song
The Sea Monkeys: Everything's Archie
Archies: Who's Your Baby

Mahogany Rush: Land Of 1000 Nights
Bevis Frond: Once More
Bootsy Collins: The Blasters -- featuring Eddie "maggot-brain" Hazel

Jazz Butcher: Looking For Lot 49
D.A.I.S.Y.: Blow My Horn
Broken Jug: Forever And A Day
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282: My Pal The Tortoise
Robert Mitchum: Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
Bonnie Sisters: Cry Baby

Subsonics: I Love You, I'll Kill You
New Bomb Turks: Summer Romance
Cycle Sluts From Hell: I Wish You Were A Beer
Challengers: Hop Scotch - Channel 9
Nelson Riddle: Lolita Ya-Ya

Silver Apples: A Pox On You
Beatnigs: Television
Paul Collins' Beat: On The Highway
Evan Johns and the H-Bombs: Madhouse

It is at this point of the show that there can be no recorded history, sans the few who have "committed" the sounds to recorded devices. Even then, I cannot be held solely responsible for their outcome.

bc-t  2/18/98

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