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as we proceed into a new level of consciousness, we must remember the steps that lead us to this point. okay that's enough, on to what promises to be as exhilarating as a commercial for your favorite driving vehicle. filled with images of quick cornering, fast acceleration, luxurious appointments, shallow water 360's and angles that never let you see who's driving. in this case the out-of-control mobility belongs to:

Volume 4 Episode I

Quadrajets: Goin' Down
Humpers: Cops And Robbers
J. Geils Band: Hard Drivin' Man
Lord High Fixers: Mystery Train

Mortals: Everybody Else
Vinyl Devotion: Something Bit Me
Little Audrey Says
Donnie Iris: She's So Wild (for Justina)
Mondo Topless: Stomp
Sir Douglas Quintet: Tonight Tonight

Smears: Kicked My Butt
Sensations: Let Me In
Thee Milkshakes: Old Time Shimmy
Something Wild: She's Kinda Weird
The Neanderthal Spongecake: Knock You Back
Teengenerate: Savage
Swinging Neckbreakers: I Wanna Be Your Driver
Chuck Berry: Carol
Fells: She's Alright
Riverdales: She's Gonna Break Your Heart
Monkees: Let's Dance On
David Lindley & El Rayo X: Mercury Blues

Social Distortion: It's The Law
Reverend Horton Heat: Psychobilly Freakout
Mummies: Test Drive
Dickie Mcbride & the Village Boys: Tulsa Twist
Buzzy And Catnip: Listen To The Mockingbird
Homer & Jethro: Live At The DJ Convention
Makers: Turn Up The Century
Fiendz: Ain't It Hard
Sam The Sham & the Pharaohs: Oh, That's Good, No, That's Bad
Barnes And Barnes: Party In My Pants

Tyrone Davis: Turn Back The Hands Of Time
Chad's Tree: Crush The Lily
Bevis Frond: Rejection Day (pm)
Grass Roots: Let's Live For Today
Insomniacs: Time Ticks By
BTK: Poppyrock
4 seemingly working class boys from a poor seaport town in the north of england, who through innovative iambic pentameter and chord progression as well as insightful lyrical content and futuristic experimentation with musical sounds and style changed the course of popular music for eternity: Sgt. Pepper Reprise
Paper Garden: I Hide
Living Daylights: Buy My Record
Hi Fives: Conversations Like These
Huey "Piano" Smith: Don't You Just Know It
Hentchmen: Mess Around With You
Freddy Cannon: Coke Commercial
Sick Terrific Nosebleed: Pent Up
Phantom Surfers & Davie Allen: Supercycle
Banana Splits: I Enjoy Being A Boy (In Love With You)
Chesterfield Kings: Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Lord John: West Miniature Abbey
Mt Mckinleys: You Get What You Deserve
John And The Night Riders: Depth Charge

J Church: Church On Fire
Young Fresh Fellows: I Don't Let The Little Things Get Me Down
Vigilantes: Man In Space
Theme To Thunderbirds
Hardly Worthit Players: Wild Thing
Brood: Later Than You Think
The Girls: Chico's Girl

Candy Kane: Poetry Cocktail
Dana Gillespie: Organ Grinder
Blind Blake: Diddy Wah Diddy
Cramps: Strangeness In Me
Hustlers: Inertia

Man...Or Astroman?: Invasion Of The Dragonmen
Untamed Youth: Go Go Ferrari
Ricky Nelson: My Babe
FZ: Speed Freak Boogie
Travis Wammack: Scratchy
Red Elvises: Astro

Lovin' Kind: I'm Free
Vipers: Dark As My Day
Bent Scepters: Chinese Burn
Moviees: Come On
Cosmic Avenger: I Woke Up Early The Day I Died

Everlasting Belt Co.: Our Drunken Friend
Flaming Lips: Bag Full Of Thoughts
H.M.S. Bounty: Rich Man's Fable
Hash: American Chorus

Apples In Stereo: You Said That Last Night
MBEs: The Night Before
Shoes: Tomorrow Night
Pristeens (live on "Idiot's Delight"): Going Out Tonight

Ghastly Ones: Ghastly Stomp
Surf Trio: Never Gonna Hold Me
Robyn Hitchcock: Devil's Radio
Amy Rigby: Laboratory Of Love
Tipsy: Nude On The Moon
Cocktail Preachers: Unknown Instro
Original Sndtrk To "Outer Limits" : Suite For The Man Who Was Never Born
By The Way, Which One's Pink: Us/Them (live)

Kaleidoscope: Cuckoo
Rasputin And The Mad Monks: I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
Silver Apples: Love Fingers

stunts done by professional driver on closed track

bc-t  10/25/98

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