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with all that goes on at this time of year, it seems plausible if not likely that some things may get overlooked, passed by or just plain forgotten. although NEVER overlooked or passed by and certainly not forgotten, i approach the "Barrage from the Garage" show with the same intensity and ardent fervor each and every week. i did, however, misplace the first sheet of the playlist. so in all its abbreviated glory we present:

Volume 3 Episode XXXVIII

[some musical morsels -- irreplaceable but to those with the insight to record such things -- would be inserted here.]

Evil Enc Group: The Point Is
Fleshtones: Medicine Man
Scratch Bongowax: Girl That Puts Out
Wanda Jackson: Rock Your Baby
Bent Scepters: C'mon Baby
Untamed Youth: Sophisticated International Playboy

Sick Terrific Nosebleed: No Way
Pep Ralley: Unhealthy Daze
Screaming Furys: Why
Four Fab Fellas: Little Queenie (Hamburg 1961)
Mummies: Baba Diddy Baby

Butter Bean & Susie: Elevator Papa and Switchboard Mama (1930)
Annie Ross: Twisted
James Lee Meadows: Uranus Is Out Tonight
Space Cadets: We Are The Space Cadets
Jessie Lee Turner: Little Space Girl
Man...Or Astroman: Alien Visitors
Theme to Fireball XL5

Plan 9: Coloring In The Dark
Lemon Fog: The Prisoner
Mike Clifford: Mary Jane

Snap Dragons: The Things You Want Most Of
Sonny Flaherty & Mark V: Hey Conductor
Davie Allen & The Arrows: Metal Fatigue
Liberty Bell: Reality Is The Only Answer
Mission Of Burma: Laugh The World Away
Vulgar Boatmen: Drink More Coffee
Cadillac Angels: Back Beat #1
Shannon: Abergavanny
Seers: Reaching My Brain
Steppenwolf: America/Monster
Albert Brooks: Rewriting the National Anthem
Tape Beatles: American Adventure
Soundtrack to The Trip: M-23
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas: The Drug Checklist
It's All Meat: Feel It

Surficide: Severe Beach
Dean Elliot: Lonesome Road
Touch Of Evil: Main Theme
Forbidden Five: Enchanted Farm
Marcy: Join The Gospel Express
Randy & the Rest: The Vacuum
Versus: Tin Foil Star

Buddy Hackett: Songs My Mother Used To Sing To Who
Kay Kaiser & his Orchestra: Three Little Fishies
School Kids Sing TMBG: Particle Man
Silver Apples: Confusion
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band: Mickey's Son And Daughter
Nick Lowe: Marie Provost

i have become so intent on focusing my attention on the movements of the variously colored lava lamps that the next half hour of the show is spent listening to tribal indian shaman chants...   pass the pipe.

bc-t  7/5/98

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