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keeping in the back of your mind that a frontal lobotomy is the last thing on your mind, any psychiatrist worth their weight in prescriptions will tell you that everyone should be in therapy, from the inner child to the outer office. contrary to freud's theory, sometimes a radio show is not just a radio show. sometimes it's:

Volume 3 Episode XXXVII

Ramones: Psycho Therapy
Sparks: Angst In My Pants
Ohio Express: 1, 2, 3 Red Light
Bobby Lollar: Bad Bad Boy
Original Sins: Going Out Of My Mind

Cave 4: High Wall
Beach Boys: Catch A Wave (backing track)
BoDeans: Good Work
Sit 'n' Spin: Hillbilly Bill
Beverly Hillbillies: Vittles
Hickoids: Vittles

Wild Knights: Beaver Patrol
Theme from Leave it to Beaver
Pussy Galore: Pussy Stomp
Lydia Marcell: The Girl He Needs
Nashville Pussy: Goin' Down

Material Issue: International Pop Overthrow
Fells: Do The Dance
Florian Monday: Rip It Rip It Up
Chubby Checker: The Fly
The Exotics: The Corrado Twist
Al Casey: Teen Age Blues
Swingin' Neckbreakers: You
   (and that web site is at

Sex Clark 5: If You See Her With Me (Let Me Know)
Shambles: Delve Into Everything
Del Tinos: Ramrod
Red & the Red Hots: Boogie Man
Bumble B. Slim: Tiny's Boogie
Canned Heat: Let's Work Together
Holme: Garden State Parkway Boogie

Evelyn Forever: Never Once
George & the Guys: Don't Bother Me (Take 21)
Thee Headcoatees: Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand
Kaisers: Leave My Kitten Alone
Latex Generation: They Killed The Radio
Woggles: Throttle Head
Insect: Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
Raunch Hands: Naked, Naked, Naked
Cramps: Let's Get Fucked Up
Revlons: After Last Night
Makers: Deliver Your Disease
Groovie Ghoulies: Back To The Garage
Blue Cheer: Summertime Blues
Mono Men: Swampland

Peter And The Test Tube Babies: Louise Wouldn't Like It
Damned: Disguise
Pleasantries: Innocence, Ignorance
Stereolab: John Cage Bubblegum
Bridgett Bardot: Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas
Blazers: Vive Le Campagnie/Let Us Drink
Pop Defect: Bedazzled
Prime Movers: Smash The Mirror
Duffy: Come Back, Come Back
Them: Walking In The Queen's Garden
Ashwan Batish: Raga Rock

Von LMO: We're Not Crazy
Overwhelming Colorfast: Toss Up
Jesus And Mary Chain: Virtually Un Real
Luciano Dari: Chant Of Apayas Yeshanas
Tones On Tail: Twist
Glass Sun: Silence Of The Morning
Bangah: Trapped/Hide And Seek
? And The Mysterians: Got To (Live)
Leroy Anderson: Syncopated Clock
John Schroeder: Headband
Issac Hayes: Funky Junky
Fatboy Slim: Everybody Needs A 303

Semi Beings: Warped Maskurade
Walkabouts: Where The Deep Water Goes
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood: Some Velvet Morning
Bevis Frond: This Corner Of England
Spatula: True Life
Fu Manchu: Laserblast
Beau Jens: She Was Mine
Seeds: Travel With Your Mind
Teardrop Explodes: Camera Camera
Fourpiece Suit: Kolme Kitaraa

Los Mel Tones: In Praise Of The Lime
Careless Carliss & the Cantaloupe Girls: Kool Aid Kids Revisited
Horace Heidt & his Musical Knights (Vocal: Charles Goodman): Dawn Of A New Day (song of the 1939 World's Fair 78)

        "i could while away the hours conversing with the flowers..."

bc-t  6/28/98
"oil can what?"

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