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the station i first cut my radio 'chords on (coincidentally, the very same one that "allows" me to provide the BftG), was commemorating 15 years of quality radio programming with an "80's rewind week-end". having a weakness for nostalgia, i offered to come in a coupla hours early so i could lend my particular slant on the theme. it was so exciting to discover that even after my eight year absence from "prime-time" radio, i can still cause confusion, shock, disbelief and horror!! so, working with that impetus, it evolved into:

Volume 3 Episode XXXVI

D.L. Byron: Listen to the Heartbeat
X: Your 'Phone's Off the Hook, But You're Not
Klan: Pushin' Too Hard
Fuzztones: Strychnine
Trashwomen: Justine
Outsiders: Summertime Blues

Dr. and the Medics: Waterloo
Sue Thompson: Norman
Buddy Wayne: What Made Maggie Run
Los Straitjackets: Tailspin

Moon Martin: Rolene
Element 79: Mistreat Me
Animals: Baby Let Me Take You Home
Holly And The Italians: Tell That Girl To Shut Up

Nails: Cutting Edge
Roy Budd: Love Is A Four Letter Word
999: Li'l Red Riding Hood

New Christs: Like A Curse
Dappa Smith: China Doll
Humble Pie: Buttermilk Boy
Dragline: Full Grown Man
Fall: Hit the North (Live)
Electric Prunes: Get Me To The World On Time (Live In Stockholm '67)

Slammin' Watusis: She's A Looker
Electric Frankenstein: Black Out
Thee Mighty Caesers: Because, Just Because
Albertos Y Los Trios Paranoias: Thank You
Producers: Who Do You Think You Are
Fells: You Can't Bring Me Down
Comateens: Munster's Theme

Nancy Sinatra: Last of the Secret Agents
Prissteens: Scandal, Controversy And Romance
Sexbeat: Sexbeat
S.C.O.T.S.: Galley Slave
Richie Valens: That's My Little Susie (Stereo)
Ginny Arnell: Dumbhead
Battershell: Prick

Dictators: Science Gone Too Far
Mono Men: Sin #1
Miracle Workers: Flashing Red Light
Screaming For Emily: The Love
The Liberty Bell: Reality Is The Only Answer
1313 Mockingbird Lane: Naked And Waiting
O Positive: Up, Up, Up

The Galaxies: Tremble
Surf Punks: Wave Spy
Bomboras: Land Of One Percenters
Dfx 2: Emotion
Pell Mell: Par Avion
Roky Erickson: Bermuda

Mommyheads: Box
Cindy Lee Berryhill: She Had Everything
Crazy Teens: Crazy Date
Colorblind James Experience: A Different Bob
Frank Luthur: King's Breakfast (an early '30s' victor '78)
Four white english boys who had an album named after them: Cry Baby Cry
Dukes Of Stratosphere: Vanishing Girl

Telescopes: Sufferocation
The Maze: Whispering Shadows
Time Machine: Dear Prudence
Teardrop Explodes: Poppies Are In The Field
Sundial: Rollercoaster
Hawaiian Pups: Baby Judy

The Far Out Underground Acid Rock Feet Of Harry Zonk: For What It's Worth
Everlounge: Another Time/Another Place (and if you were a completely different person - no)
Roxy Music: Both Ends Burning
Silly Pillows: Thinking About Sofas
Scott Goddard: Cowpunk
Ed's Redeeming Qualities: My Apartment
Big Dee Irwin: Happy Being Fat
Jackie Gleason: Reggie van Gleason III

Ben Vaughn: Al Dente
Lou Monte: Bony Lena
3 Bips And A Bop: Professor Bop
Susan Barrett: Chico's Girl
Omega Men: Spectre of the Gun

Rocky Burnett: Tired Of Toein' The Line
Loose Joints: Tell You (Today)

the images were vivid, the colors were bright and the sounds kept swirling and swirling. the time had come the walrus said... and i listened.

bc-t  6/22/98

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