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once again, i found myself "talking back" to the tv. moreso, my wife found me "talking back" to the tv, i knew i did it. she asked me "why do you even bother?" i replied, "'cause it's insulting." generally, it lets me know that i haven't accepted what i'm being fed and i regurgitate it right back at them. it really scares me to try and imagine the sheep that are actually soaking up this drivel. by no means am i against television, certainly my very core is comprised of saturday morning cartoon icons and commercial jingles. perhaps it's the overwhelming breadth of simplistic choices and insipidly shallow characters that i defy. i think my philosophy holds true to radio too. except "must hear radio:"

Volume 3 Episode XXXV

Pretty Things: Midnight To Six Man
Screamin' Furys: Out All Night
Rhythm Kings: What's Your Number Little Drummer Boy?
Surfaris: Storm Surf
Shoes: Tomorrow Night
Chaparrals: Leapin' Guitars
Silicone Teens: Memphis

Kirsty MacColl: There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop, Swears He's Elvis
Devil Dogs: Gonna See You Tonight
Mummies: Land Of 1000 Dances
Lou Millet: Slip, Slip, Slippin' In
Ism: I Think I Love You
Crazy Elephant: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
Cynics: Hand In Hand

Del Noah And The Mt. Arrat Finks: Hot Wheels
Schoolhouse Rocks: Nouns
Showdown: Rodeo Song(Edit)
Del Reeves: Girl On The Billboard
Servotron: Eurodriver Mechano
Sea Monkeys: Beatnik Chick And Hot Rod Guy
Jimmy Lloyd: Rocket In My Pocket

Prissteens: Run Back To You
Leslie Gore: Maybe I Know
Smears: The Hurtin' Kind
Thee Phantom Five: She Washed Up On The Shore
Vertebrats: Left In The Dark
Tim Lee: Talked About It
Wailers: Lead Me On
House Of Love: Road

Paul Revere And The Raiders: Kicks
Rockinghams: Played A Trick
Makers: Like A Diamond
Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs: I'm In With The Out Crowd
Swingin' Neckbreakers: The Answer Is No
Paul Collins' Beat: That's What Life Is All About

Freddy Cannon: Where The Action Is
Fells: Get Uptight
Rezillos: Top Of The Pops
Amazing Cherubs: (My Car's In The) Junkyard (And I'm In The) Boneyard
Larry Liggit: That Man Is Walkin'

Hot Boogie Chillin': Talkin' 'Bout You
Telli Mills: Ain't Goin' Home
Figgs: Slow Down
Der Blitzen British Beaten Boys: Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand (from the "Something New" rainbow swirl lp (stereo))
Trio: Anna (Lassmichrein-Lassmichraus)

Los Straitjackets: Della Street
Theme From Perry Mason
Irving Joseph: Stool Pigeon
Woggles: Arthur Lee
Nomads: My Little Red Book
Red Rockers: Good Thing I Know Her
Gonn: Doin' Me In

Dj Phil O'Cyben marks his make:
Linda Scott: I Told Every Little Star
Radioactive Goldfish: Lsd Is The Bomb
Ken Nordine: Fliberty Jib
Beats: Beatnik Bounce
Nubile G And Spurious Wizz: Your Jolly Green Giant
Negativland: Jolly Green Giant
Sauter Sonic Labs: I Told Every Little Death Star

Mad Magazine Flexi: The Boy From------ Dave's True Story: Spasm
Plan 9: Green Apples

Mono Men: Sin #1
Lunkheads: Babyfeed (600 Calories)
Bachman/Turner Overweight: Gimme Your Money, Please
Gas Huffer: Robert
Cabaret Voltaire: Nag, Nag, Nag
Duke Ellington: Black And Tan Fantasy
Spacemen 3: Revolution
Wipers: Just A Dream Away

Shadows: Nivram
Space Cossacks: Morracan Adventure
Arthur Lyman: Beautiful Kahana
Los Amigos Invisibles: Cha Chuburro
Adam (Batcat) West: Miranda

Harvey Bainbridge: The Voyage In The Wake Of Passing Clouds
Edsel: Like A Parasite
Helium: Pat's Trick

(director instructs me to "get real")

"sure, if i were any more real, i'd be on people magazine!
      (audience laughs)

carol:    "you'd have to be a person first!"
      (audience roars with laughter)

"so, are you going out with bob again tonight?"

carol:   "yes, if it's any of your business. we're going to meet alice and ted here."
      (audience scratches collective head)

roll credits...

bc-t  6/15/98

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