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"ride the coaster, get cool in the waves in the pool, you'll have fun, so come on over..." ah, yes! the joys of the amusement park. the ferris wheel, where you can only hope to get "stuck" at the top with your best girl, the arcade, where you can impress the best with your prowess at knocking over cans, shooting ducks and playing the numbers!!! the taste of a grilled hot dog. the sticky sweetness of cotton candy and caramel apples. those silly photos at the picture booths. the fireworks, the funnel cake and a grateful kiss at the end of a perfect day!!! WOW! sounds just like a night with:

Volume 3 Episode XXXIV

Walkers: Crown, Cork And Stomp
Mickey Hawks: Screamin' Mimi-Jeanie
Rockpile: You Ain't Nothin' But Fine
Rocket From The Crypt: Suit City
Les Thugs: Femme Fatale

Junior Murvin: Police And Thieves
DC 5: Because
Halibuts: Bowling Ball Gardens
Dudley Do-Right of the Northwest Canadian Mounties
Bauhaus: Third Uncle
Muddy Frankenstein: Chocolate

Rubinoos: I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
Carlos Brothers: Little Cupid
Mr. T Experience: She's Coming Over
Bobby Rydell: Wild One
Donnas: Gonna Get Some Stuff Tonight
Jackie De Shannon: Dream Boy
Young Fresh Fellows: When The Girls Get Here

Sloppy Seconds: Veronica
The Insect: No Next Time
Bill Lehman: Take It Easy, Greasy
Mothermania: Damn It, Janet
Blazers: Bangalore
Huntington Cads: Vibrasonic
Sonic Youth: Teen Age Riot
Dag Nasty: Trouble Is

Sir Winston and the Commotions: We're Gonna Love
Lunchbox: Insane
Tidal Waves: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Davie Allen and the Arrows: The Party
Daryll Vincent: Wild, Wild Party
Sonics: Tallahassee Lassie

Jr. Brown Highway Patrol
When You Say " Budweiser," You've Said It All (60's Commercial)
R.A.D.D. Psa
Clovers: Love Potion #9
Dwight Pullen: Sunglasses After Dark
Boss Martians: More Booze, Less Ice
Fat Boy Slim: Rockafeller Skank
Bus Boys: Johnny Souled Out

Meat Puppets: Rock And Roll
Cramps: Mad Daddy
Del Ranney's Umbrellas: Can Your Hossie Do The Dog
Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black: So Many Things I Can Do
Cowsills: Indian Lake

Ravens: Sleepless Nights
Sugarfreaks: I Feel Fine
Fleshtones: Dick Tracy

'phone call for dj phil o'cyben from Mike looking to compare colors

Groovie Ghoulies: Graveyard Girlfriend
Ghastly Ones: Haulin'Hearse
Fiendz: Get Off My Back

Ben Vaughn: I Found Her Telephone # Written On The Bathroom Wall
Nite Hawks: Chicken Grabber
Flippers: You Yakkity Yak Too Much
Bing Crosby: Swingin' On A Star
Buddy Merril: Busy Bee

Pink Fairies: Right On, Right Now
Scientists: Swampland
Loud Family: Why We Don't Live In Mauritania
Velvet Underground: The Gift
Los Amigos Invisibles: Lycras del Avila

The Fire Escape: The Trip
Man... Or Astroman: Vortex Beyond
New Model Army: White Coats
Lemon Fog: Yes, I Cry

Great Plains: Standing At The Crossroads
Broken Jug: Forever And A Day
Feends: Ghost Town
Miracle Workers: Take It In
Liberteens: Too Bad It's Raining

Spacemen 3: Transparent Radiation
Brian Jonestown Massacre: The Devil May Care (Mom and Dad Don't)
Silly Pillows: Temperate Perfection
Tipsy: Liquordelic

Popsicle: Sadly Missing
Afterglow: Morning
Hang Ups: So We Go
Thee Wylde Maniacs: Why Ain't Love Fair
John Berberian: The Oud And The Fuzz

   (a nurse from a local clinic responds to numerous calls regarding erratic behavior at a local radio station)
Vipers: Medication
   (i convince her to try mine)
Hash Jar Tempo: Well Oiled
   (she stays, i leave)

6:00am EDT 06/07/98:   the next episode begins to unfold...

bc-t  6/8/98

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