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"truth in advertising" is perhaps one of the most overlooked oxymorons in the entire known galaxy. the very nature of advertising is to entice you with false promises and hope. trying to convince you, the consuming public, that their product is superior and better for you than that of the competitor. this rule also holds true for radio. stations will wildly claim such ludicracies as "best music,", "more music," "less talk" (not counting talk radio, naturally), "we did it first," or try to impress you with the size of their signal. as it ever was and always will be, we decide our collective fate. the "barrage from the garage" credo: "if it's good, it's good." no false promises, no slick production numbers, and no legal disclaimers!! the honesty of "reeeeeeaaal rock and roll" shines through in:

Volume 3 Episode XXXIII

Bob McAllister: Aardvark
Swingset Police: 5,4,3,2,1
Absolute Zeros: Strange That...
Bob Ridgley: She Was A Man, Man

5,6,7,8s: Scream
Paul Griffin: Rag Doll Baby
Rachael Sweet: Baby
Secrets: Boy Next Door
Demolition Doll Rods: Dream

Louis Prima: Jump, Jive And Wail
Jimmy Durante: So I Ups To Him
Ella Mae Morse W/Don Raye: House Of Blue Lights

Queers: I Enjoy Being A Boy
Gas Money: Cool Down
Undertones: Get Over You
Vic Mizzy's Munster Theme
Lou Monte: The Wife
Nomads: Let's Go To The Dragstrip

Vendettas: Better Living
Virtues: Guitar Boogie Shuffle
Hillbilly Hellcats: Roadkill Cafe
Nashville Pussy: First I Look At The Purse
Rivingtons: The Bird Is The Word

Girl Trouble: Groove Detection
El Caminos: Hornet's Nest
Night Riders: Don't Say
Thee Milkshakes: Can't Seem To Love That Girl
Thee Waistcoats: Sting Ray
NY Division Of Public Safety: Don't Cross The Street In The Middle Of The Block
The Brood: He's Telling You Lies
Kim And Grim: You Don't Love Me
Elmore James: Dust My Blues

A 106.3 Play-3 Play-3 Play Of:
The Lyres
   Here's A Heart (w/Stiv Bators)
   You've Been Wrong
   What A Girl Can't Do (Lost and now Found EP)

Balloon Farm: A Question Of Temperature
Divine Weeks: All These People Come And Go
Per Gessle: Reporter
Cubs: She's A Sensation
Jay And The Americans: Come A Little Bit Closer (Spanish Version)

Hectics: Tokyo Hotel
Jesus And Mary Chain: I Love Rock And Roll
Tom Jones: She's A Lady
Splash 4: She Was A Boy
Partisians: White Flag
Paul Petersen: She Can't Find Her Keys

Dj Phil O'Cyben: Simon and Simon are not chipmunk clones (glow in the dark pancake mix)

We The People: By The Rule
Woggles: Do Just What I Say
Alan Sherman: Rat Fink
Untamed Youth: Dance Franny Dance
Loren Baker: Dungaree Doll
Titans: Speedqueen Mama
Surf Trio: Girl With No Name
Mondo Topless: $50,000 Hand Job
Robert Klein: My Little Margie
Theme From "My Little Margie"

Raybeats: Calhoun Surf
Jim Messina & his Jesters: The Jester
Hillbilly Frankenstein: Flesh Hammer
Little Roger & the Goose Bumps: Stairway To Gilligan's Island
Bevis Frond: Beautiful Sister
Hurricane #1: Chain Reaction (Lunatic Calm Mix)
Spatula: True Life
Bongwater: His New Look
Spontaneous Generation: Up In My Mind

Del: Stars
: Rocket 455
The Day I Fell Down: Day In The Fray
Stems: Stems At First Sight
Rockfield Chorale: Jingle Jangle

Juan Garcia Esquivel: Mini-Skirt
Freddy Fredrickson: Mr Downtown
Rune Overman: Beatnik Walk
Warren Baker And The Warner Brothers Star Instrumentalists: 77 Sunset Strip Cha-Cha
Dezi Arnaz: I'll Take Rhumba (Aye Yi Yi Or I-I-I. As In: XXXIII)
Richard Pine: Beatnik Bill (He don't need no fad, Dad)

and so friends, thus concludes another thrilling episode of:


be sure to tune in next week for more exciting adventures!!

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bc-t  6/1/98

void where prohibited by law-like everything else.

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