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the concept of immortality has fascinated human-kind since we realized our time on this level is limited. we have made deals with lords of the netherworld, created gods that would "bless" us with their gift and, as we have "progressed" as a civilization, have invented drugs and dietary supplements to stretch our lives and mimic immortality. truth is that immortality is not on the physical level. eternity is filled with "immortals." you can name at least a dozen without straining a synaptic junction. i, on the other side, can name at least 31.

Volume 3 Episode XXXI

Sinatra/Martin/Crosby: Style (From Robin And The 7 Hoods)

Dickies: Booby Trap
Sonny Knight: Teenage Party
Scratch Bongowax: Teenrage
Avengers: Be A Caveman
Dragons: Ted

Sweet Baby: Daddy Cool
Elvis: Hard Knocks
Joan Jett: New Orleans
Dan Radar: She Sure Can Rock
Mummies: Hi-Heeled Sneakers
100 Proof: Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed

Teen Idles: Adventure
Others: I Can't Stand This Love
Shambles: Innocence Becomes You
Jackie Lomax: Sour Milk Sea
Bob & Ray: This Is Your Bed
George Olsen & his Orchestra: Varsity Drag (1925)

Insect Surfers: Red Hot Car
Jimmy Gale's Imperials: We're Gonna Rock All Night
Cadillac Angels: Big Bad Cadillac
Sir Paulie: Smile Away (Gold Disc)

Nobody's Children: Junco Partner
Fuzztones: Brand New Man
Dave Edmunds: Me And The Boys
Firetones: Beverly
Arvee Allens (Richie Valens): Fast Freight

Thee Milkshakes: I'm Outta Control
Sonics: Keep A Knockin'
Oblivians: Hey Mom, Look At Sis

Los Mel Tones!: Surfin' Before Sunrise
Man... Or Astroman?: Caffeine Trip
Space Cossacks: Transatlantic Orbit
Fireballs: Say I Am

Dick Dale: A Run 4 Life
Ventures: Surf Medley (Surfs On 45)
Al Hirt: Green Hornet Theme
Lyres: Buried Alive (You Go, Matador!)
Rooks: A Girl Like You
Sanshers: Gonna Git That Man
Skeeter Davis: I Can't Stay Mad At You
Godzuki: Le Temp De L'Amore

Yo La Tengo: Black Hole
Plimsouls: Kool Trash
Action Swingers: Funky Manc
Pacific Gas And Electric: Are You Ready?
Nails: Things You Left Behind
Mondo Topless: Real Gone Girl
? And The Mysterians: 96 Tears (Live At Coney Island High)
Lemon Pipers: Jelly Jungle(Stereo)
Blur: Theme From Retro

DJ Phil O' Cyben: Timothy is Leary of Roy G. Biv 'cause he sleeps with a yellow mellotron

Whirling Dervishes: All Or Nothing At All
Rat Pack (Sinatra/Martin/Davis) And Crosby: Mr. Booze
Nancy And Frank: Life Is Such A Trippy Thing

Neutral Milk Hotel: Two Headed Boy Pt 2
Sneetches: Come Along With Me
Kelly Flint: Spasms
Valley Of The Dolls Sndtrk: Jennifer's Recollection

Negativland: Jolly Green Giant
Monocles: Spider And The Fly
Bevis Frond: All Hope Is Gone With You
Blacklight Chameleons: Theme
Eden Abez: Full Moon
Brian Hyland: Gypsy Woman
The 31 Flavors: Gypsy Fire
Zachary: Astro Boy On Venus

a thunderous roar came from the early morning mist! in the distance i saw clouds of dust and a bright orange glow!
as the thumping came closer and closer the roar was chilling! i saw what appeared to be a giant reptile breathing breath of destruction!
was this the legendary giant lizard monster known to millions as: "GODZILLA" ??!!!
no, it was just another attempt at cashing in on baby boomer creativity for the generation lost in space. anyone care for a bonomo turkish taffy?

bc-t  5/18/98

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