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censorship is perhaps the most personally insulting form of control. we all have likes and dislikes, but to have someone "tell" you what you can and cannot say is a muzzle on artistic creativity! with that in mind, we un-muzzle:

Volume 3 Episode XXX (Adult Content)

Johnny Legend & his Rockabilly Bastards: Soakin' The Bone
Status Quo: Down Down
Russ Meyer Sndtrk: South Of The Border
Lunkheads: Dait Bait Baby
Raunch Hands: Getcha Some

Police Intervention - "Confine it to the Garage"

Ride: Drive Blind (Live)
Tom Mabe: Support Your Local Police
Original Sins: Under My Wheels
Colgate Toothpaste Commercial
Rutles: Blue Suede Shubert
Johnny Knight: Rock 'n' Roll Guitars
Mahogany Rush: Satisfy Your Soul
Agent Orange: It's In Your Head (Live)

Tommy James & the Shondells: Hanky Panky
Vendettas: Gasoline
Perversions: Fuckin' And Suckin'
Hellacopters: Soul Seller
Little Richard: Keep A Knockin'
Groovie Ghoulies: Hell Time
Huns: Destination Lonely

Surfdusters: Hot Rod Alley
Bus Boys: Did You See Me
Oscar Brown Jr.: But I Was Cool
Lillingtons: The Day I Went Away
Icicle Works: Understanding Jane
Deltinos: Go Go Go
Band Of Susans: Mood Swing

Nashville Pussy: I'm The Man
Pipkins: Gimme Dat Ding
Smugglers: Trouble
Sonic Youth: Female Mechanic Now On Duty
Poontang Plenty - Agent Double-Oh 6-9
Galaxies: This Rock 'n' Roll
Sloppy Seconds: Pubic Beat
Gizmos: Muff Divin'
Sam The Sham & the Pharohs: Ring Dang Doo

Thee Casino Royales: "From An Un-Annotated EP"
Surf Trio: Hang Ten
Iggy Pop: Time Won't Let Me
Apollas: Mr. Creator
Genteels: Take It Off
FZ: Dirty Love

Thee Headcoatees: Teenage Kicks
Doris And Rock: Roly Poly
Fiendz: Blinded By Love
The Fabs (no really): Diahna Wants Religion
Insomniacs "Barrage From The Garage" Promo ID
Insomniacs: Don't Turn Away
Gene Vincent: Ain't She Sweet
Frigg-A-Go-Go: Jenny Walker

Dash Rip Rock: Let's Smoke Some Pot
Renegade V: Wine Wine Wine
Bangers: Baby, Let Me Bang Your Box
Phantom Surfers: Crossover Tragedy

Hectics: Too Slow
Absolute Zeros: Quickie
The In-Sect: Satisfied
Jessie Lee Turner: Shake Baby Shake
Garage Sale: One More Time
Jerry Barnes: Won't You Be My Baby
Mae West: I'm An Occidental Woman In An Oriental Mood For Love

Changin' Tymes: Pied Piper
Jad Fair & Daniel Johnson: I Did Alot With Caroline
Liquor Giants: Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself
Raspberries: Crusin'Music
Incredible Casuals: Let's Go
Boss Martians: Hangar Party Stomp

S. C. O. The S.: Red Beans And Reverb

DJ Phil O'Cyben: Under the #9 mersey wall of sound turning on a dead man with blisters on my fingers blues

Sons Of Adam: Take My Hand
Ronnie And Clyde: Bad Memory
Tipsy: Space Golf
Carl Stalling: Marching Pink Elephants
Pizzicato V: The World's Spinning At 45 Rpm

Hysterics: Why Should You Treat Me This Way
Half Japanese: Should I Tell Her
Original Sins: Wonderbra
Veronica Lake: Saints Above
Shockabilly: Nobody's Place
Bow Street Runners: Another Face
Alien Sex Fiend: Haunted House
Roy Budd: Plaything

Dave Clark 5: First Love
Nirvana (Original): Christopher Lucifer
Luna: Going Home
Firebirds: No Tomorrows

Camel: Recorded Live From Above Your House

whether it was the sense of un-bridled freedom of expression or the trinkets left behind by dj phil o'cyben, i was feeling decidely liberated and went on to enjoy...

bc-t  5/11/98

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