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the thought of the aging process can overwhelm and consume certain people. getting caught up in the "youth culture" can cause some individuals to behave erratically or not "be themselves." to try and be something that you are not, is to deceive yourself and in turn, becomes obvious to those you direct your actions towards. when in actuality, we as a species have a tendency to natural regression as we age. therefore, as we get older, we get younger. so fittingly, we regress into...

Vol. 3 Episode XXVIII

Latex Generation: They Killed The Radio
Prissteens: I Don't Cry
Fuzzbox: What's The Point
Marble Orchard: You Don't Really Have A Clue

Killing Joke: Nighttime
Standells: It's All In Your Mind
Others: Can't Help But Cry
Walleye: Of A Lesser Degree
Pussy Galore: DWDA

Zodiacs: So Much In Love With You
Inhalants: Kol Chak
Revillos: Mind Bending Cutie Doll
Theme From "Burke's Law"
Uncle Bonsai: Cheerleaders On Drugs
Deep 6: Stay Right Here
Slim Whitman: Rainbows Are Getting Back In Style

Absolute Zeros: Rip My Heart Out
Haunted: 1-2-5
Vipers: Nothing's From Today
Bardots: Gloriole
Splatcats: Even Steven
Gloo Girls: Which Witch Is Which
Theme From "Bewitched" (York over Sargent)
Motivations: Motivate
Yard Trauma: Pressure
Freddy & the Dreamers: I'm Telling You Now (from Ed Sullivan Show 4/25/65)

Wade Curtis & the Rhythm Kings: Hey Babe, Let's Go Downtown
Rok Rol: Bedrock Twitch
Rudy Grazel: Judy
Wanda Jackson: Rock Your Baby
Bob E. Rock: Do You Believe It?
Wes Dakus: Sidewinder
Mummies: Food, Sickles And Girls
Royal Crescent Mob: Stock Car Race
Outsiders: Respectable (Live)
Fells: You're Making Me Sick
Electric Frankenstein: Sweet Sickness
Dave Seville: Witch Doctor
Rev. Horton Heat: Couch Surfin'
Kingsmen: Jolly Green Giant
Mondo Topless: Amazon Queen


Druids Of Stonehenge: Baby, Please Don't Go
Hound Dog Taylor: Give Me Back My Wig
Jackie Brenston & his Delta Cats: Rocket 88
S.C.O.T.S.: Nitty Gritty
Rave-Ups: Class Tramp
Untamed Youth On Norton Records (Commercial)
Aqua Velvets: Slow Dance With A Fast Girl
Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy (Full Stereo Version)

Dj Phil O'Cyben: thrill kill need for speed racer x marks the pedal to the metal mix

Mars Needs Women: Johnny
Huka: Insomniac
Alice Cooper: Halo Of Flies
16 Deluxe: Erotica

Blues Magoos: Life Is Just A Cher O'Bowlies
4 0'Clock Balloon: Means To An End
Defilers: Love Don't Last
Element 79: Leave It All
Clique: Splash
Beatnik Flies: Voodoo Idols
Screamin' Jay Hawkins: Bite It
Tiki Men: Harlem Nocturne
B.A.L.L.: Window To The Works
Dragline: Full Grown Man
New Morty Show: Enter Sandman
Laurie Johnson: Happy Go Lively
World Of Twist: She's A Rainbow
Mermen: The Whales Are Coming And Boy, Are They Pissed

Lyres: We Sell Soul
William Devaughn: Be Thankful For What You'Ve Got
Sndtrk To Paris Blues: Guitar Amour
Eddie Cochran: Eddie's Blues

Dinosaur: Repulsion
David Kilgore & the Heavy 8's: Locked In Blue
Death Of Samantha: Blood & Shaving Cream

with the magic of a six hour radio show behind me, and knowing what i learned at the start, i figure i should be about, 12.

bc-t  4/27/98

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