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it was one of those days when all is proceeding as though it was going to be one of those days. when it dawned on them that there really was an answer to all the questions they had always needed to know the answers to!! yes it was thee revelation! it seemed so simple, but there it was! finally, all the pieces fit. it was going to change the way all of human-kind viewed itself!!! the message must be delivered!!!! but first...

Vol. 3 Episode XXVII

Arnold Corns: Hang On To Yourself
Gas Money: Cool Down
The Boulevard: Let It Rock
Scott Miller: I Got School
Gas Huffer: Ouch

Boss Martians: Rob Roy's Revenge
Falcons: Apache
Tommy James & the Shondells: Draggin' The Line
Groovie Ghoulies: Lost Generation
Titans: She Would Back To The Cave
Jazz Butcher: Groovin' In The Bus Lane
Billy "The Kid" Emerson: Red Hot
Ms. Jane & Elly Mae: I'm A Lady
Yard Trauma: Sanity

Odd Numbers: When The World Was Young
Husker Du: Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
Mummies: Intro
Music Machine: Trouble
Soupy Sales: Do The Mouse
5,6,7,8's: Scream
Connie Vannett: Pussy Cat Song
Foster & Lloyd: Crazy Over You

Snookum Russell: Jukebox Boogie Woogie Chick
Lala Guerrero: Marihuana Boogie
Blue Devils: Mystery Girl
Del Lords: Jumpin' In The Night
Bobby Dean: It's A Fad

Del Vamps: You've Got Me By The Brain
Los Straitjackets: Jetty Motel
Penetrators: Triple Dog Dare
Bobby Dar: Rock-Surfin'Craze

Wretched Ones: Life Hits Hard
Mono Men: Rev It Up
Wayne County & The Electric Chairs: Pissheadville
Naked Raygun: Hot Atomics
Devil Dogs: Coolsville
Roger Miller: Chug-A-Lug
Dick Careless: Iceman
Go-Nuts: Go-Nuts Theme
Blackie Kidd: Hot Nuts

Sit 'N' Spin: Shafto Road
Neptunas: Hot Wheels
Chesterfield Kings: Shelby Gt 356
Del Lagunas: Time Tunnel
Every Mother's Son: Put Your Mind At Ease

Hillbilly Frankenstein: Rawbone
Skeeter Davis: Gonna Get Along With Out Ya Now
Fezmen: So Easy Baby
Jimmy Castor Bunch: Troglodyte
Sir Mix-A-Lot: Mind Suck
Electric Guitars: Wolfman Tap (Former "Screamer Of The Week")
Hippycrickets: Matter Of Time

Acid Bath: The Morticians' Flame
Passionelle: Yellow Boat
Come: In/Out
Missing Links: You'Re Driving Me Insane
Thunderbirds Are Go!

Thee Wylde Maniacs: Why Ain't Love Fair
Orange Peels: Take Me Over
Love Nut: Everchanging World
Leslie Gore: Coca Cola Commercial
Blue Angel: I Had A Love
Mary Schneider: Yodelling Overtures

DJ Phil O'Cyben: Painting The Roses Red Any Good Books Lately Our Tired Our Poor Our Huddled Masses Are At 11 And 2 Can Live As Cheaply As One Step Forward - Lysergic Multi-Level Mega-Om Vibration Mix

Creation: Life Is Just Beginning
Brood: Won't You Tell Me
Sassy Ones: Lonely Evening Blues
Schulmadchen Sndtrk: Soul Guitar
Juan Garcia Esquivel: Malguena
Drywall: Highway Song
Bevis Frond: This Corner Of England

Honeyburn: Sister
Bob Hope & Shirley Ross: Two Sleepy People

Soft Machine: Live At The Paradiso (1969)

after regaining their collective equilibrium, they started towards the shape of the door, knowing that what they had to say would alter everything that would come after.

if they could only remember what it was...

bc-t  4/19/98

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