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it began as a warm sunny day on a hillside overlooking a small town by the sea. suddenly, the sound of a crowd filled the spring air. it seemed to be a construction crew, come to litter the serenity with a billboard. after they left, i went to check out their work. "wow" i said, "what a gimmick!" they had three guys on "T"s. "oughta sell alotta nails that way..."

Vol. 3 Episode XXVI (high holy full version)

Hard Ons: Girl In The Sweater
Great Mongoose: Bip Bop Bip
Al Terry: Watch Dog
Motors: You Beat The Hell Outta Me
Yak: El Nino
Paul Johnson: Tsunami

Richie Valens: C'mon Let's Go (Live At Pocoima High)
Mad Daddies: I'm Buzzin'
Flipper: Ha Ha
Turbo AC's: Praise The Lord
Les Thugs: Femme Fatale
Rene Hall's Orchestra: Twitchy

Fleshtones: If And When
Vendettas: Can't Stop
Cheeze-Whiz Christ: I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Tribe 8: Mendo Hoo Ha
Georgia Gibbs: You Can Never Get Away From Me

Electric Frankenstein: Mind Of A Monster (Live on WFMU)
Apemen: Pogo Au Go Go
King Kerosene: 5 More Minutes
Elvis: Hard Knocks
Nashville Pussy: I'm The Man
Troggs: From Home
Plimsouls: Kool Trash

Miracle Workers: Love Has No Time
Alladins: It's Only A Dance
Blue Velvet Sndtrk: Joy Ride
Creeper Lagoon: Drink And Drive
Pleasure Seekers: What A Way To Die
Firehose: Windmilling

Good Humor Stout: Horseshit
Mountain: Never In My Life
New Bomb Turks: Cure For The Common Cold Shoulder
Chuck Higgins & His Band: Wet Back Hop

Old Skull: Jesus Christ Died On The Cross
Billy Idle: Rebel "L"
Mutant Monster Beach Party: Motorbikin' Shakin'
Hot Boogie Chillin': You Better
Primate V: Nova
Sugarloaf: Green-Eyed Lady(6:48)

Renegades: 13 Women
Fiendz: Ain't It Hard
Jimmy Durante: Umbriago
Atlantics: Come On
Richard Berry & the Pharoahs: Louie, Louie

Montgomery Cliffs: She Was Good
Silver Sun: Last Day
Head: How Bread Is Made
Raybeats: International Operator
Moon: Birth
King Herod's Song (from Jesus Christ Superstar)
R Crumb & his Cheap Suit Serenaders: Singin' In The Bathtub

Everlounge: Confabulations
George Kulokahani & his Island Seranaders: Hukilau
Isao Tomita: Claire De Lune
Robin Trower: Bridge Of Sighs
The Mekons: John Barry

Winona Carr: Ding Dong Daddy
Jim Votek: Sweetest Gal In Town
Penetrators: Truant
Al Casey: Guitars, Guitars, Guitars
Hippycrickets: Matter Of Time
Mundy: Pardon Me
Divine Weeks: All Those People Come And Go

Dj Phil O'Cyben: Techicolor Henfruit Of The Loon R Orbiting Ultra Magdalene Mega Mix

Henry Turner: There's A Little Spark Of Love Still Burning
H.P. Lovecraft: One And Only Time Machine
Calliope Music: In My Life
Qworymen: Beatle-Rap
Punsters: Ringo

Glass Keys: Workshop In My Mind
Booker T & the MG's: Soul Dressing
Fading Dream: Father's Name Is Dad
Cleaners From Venus: Song For Syd Barrett
Push Kings: Memphis

Eddie Angel: Take It Off
Courageous Cat/Minute Mouse Theme
Jet Black Berries: Shadowdrive
After The Fox Sndtrk : Italian Fuzz
Garnell Cooper & Kinfolks: Green Monkey

Count 5: Revalations In Slow Motion
Cosmic Rock Show: Rising Sun
Brian Eno: Third Uncle
Lou Christie: Guitars And Bongos
Benny The Beatnik: Christ, That Was Good

a complete and resplendent evening filled with a sprit of love and peace. the highest of holy highs on this the highest of high holy holidays. did you hear hammering?

bc-t  4/12/98

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