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taking time to do things for others. is there a better feeling? visiting the elderly in flourescent sanitized convalescent centers, adopting a pet from the local pet gas chambers, donating your sunday afternoon to pick up the trash along the roadside as hoodlums jeer and ridicule you from their speeding motor cars, no, my friends there is not a better sense of personal accomplishment than giving your "self" to those who appreciate...:

Volume 3 Episode XXIX

Romantics: First In Line
Gaunt: Pop Song
Dean Carter: Rebel Woman
Annette: Muscle Beach
Splash 4: Ex-Lion Tamer

The Insect: It's Another Day
Litter: Action Woman
Chron Gen: Reality
Connie Francis: Stupid Cupid
Shonen Knife: Loop-di-Loop
Johnny Nace: You Got The Blues
Mad Magazine's "Zeke": Square Dance Party
Trust: Ready Steady Go
Unholy Trinity: Bad Boy

Thee Casino Royales: Rendezvous In Red Bank
Fathoms: Overboard
Tommy Leonetti: Walk, Don't Run
Surf Trio: Fog Lifter
Fleshtones: Blow Job
Theme From "Some Like It Hot"
Freddy-O & the Hellcats: Wild Jungle
Surfing Brides: Train Of Shame

Donnas: Speeding Back To My Baby
Joan Jett: Push And Stomp
Johnny Knight: Rock 'n' Roll Guitars
Linda McCartney: Cook Of The House
Barbecue Bob & the Spare Ribs: Lookin' For A Girl

Vendettas: Hi Voltage Baby
Sit 'n' Spin: I'm Sick
Sleaze Sisters: Bubble Bomb

Moby: James Bond Theme (Re-Version)
Secret Squirrel
Toy Dolls: James Bond Lives Down Our Street (12")
John Barry: James Bond Theme
Man...Or Astro-Man?: Goldfinger

Sam The Sham & the Pharaohs: I'm In With The Out Crowd
Bent Scepters: All Around The World
Jaggerz: The Rapper (Mono Single)
Swingin' Neckbreakers: You
? & the Mysterians: 8-Teen

Lunkheads: Baby Feed
Sex Clark 5: While I'm Here
Rocky Roberts & the Airedales: The Bird's The Word
Thin Lizzy: Suicide
Hot Boogie Chillin': Have Love, Will Travel
Lightnin' Hopkins: Wild 'Bout You Baby

Desi Arnaz: In Santiago Chile (T'Aint Chilly At All)
Ninos Con Bombas: Ton Ego N 'Est Pas Toi
Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass: Whipped Cream
El Vez: Mystery Tren

Steve Harley's Cockney Rebel: Come Up And See Me (Make Me Smile)
Silly Pillows: New Affections
Klaatu: Anus Of Uranus
Verlaines: Doomsday

Ostrich GT: Fuel Injection, It's Better
Zeke: It's Allright
Maximum Penalty: Believe

Vincent Lopez & his Orchestra: Ain't No Sin To Take Off Your Skin And Dance Around In Your Bones (1920)
Gas Huffer: Bridge To The 21st Century
Tigermen: Close That Door
Elite: My Confusion
Girl Trouble: Scorpio 9
Joe 90 Theme Remixed
Burgess Meredith: The Penguin's Escape

Roky Erikson: Creature With The Atom Brain
Fading Dream: Father's Name Is Dad
Ride: From Time To Time
Teardrop Explodes: Sleeping Gas (Zoo Compilation)
Johnny & the Diggin' Buggers: Dig It (8 Minute Version)

Dean Martin: Ain't That A Kick In The Head
Alan Moorhouse: That's Nice
Clash: Time Is Tight
Incredible Casuals: Saw It Comin' All Along
Serene Dominic & the Semi-Finalists: Mr. Maybe
Magic Swirling Ship: He's Coming

Huntington Cads: Ebonite Satellite
Space Cossacks: Navajo Star
Reg E. Gaines: Don't Take My Air Jordans
Buddy Miles: Down By The River
Them: Don't Look Back

a thick fog had rolled in during the course of vol 3 episode xxix and had overwhelmed the surrounding area. a familiar voice called from the distance. "keep talking so i can find you!" i said, walking tentatively through the mist, "keep talking!" as i neared the voice, i noticed a colorful glow from beyond. "oh, it's you." i stated, as i recognized my gnome friend as the voice. "come with me" he urged. we walked closer to the neon type glow in the distance. as we approached, my friend said, "you're going to like this." i stood in amazement as i gazed on what could only be described as a "boulevard of broken dreams" scene. the host of characters was somewhat different and the sign on the outside said: "PSYCHEDELICATESSEN- FEED YOUR STOMACH/FEED YOUR HEAD" we both went in and sat down....

bc-t  5/2/98

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