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to some the only truth in life is truth itself. for others it's:

Volume 3 Episode XVI

DMZ: Busy Man
Bobby & The Rhythm Rockers: Rhythm Rocker
Primate V: Nova
Desi Arnaz & Orchestra: Cuban Pete

Fleshtones: God Damn It
Groovie Ghoulies: Beast With 5 Hands
DC5: Don't Let Me Down
Donnas: Rock And Roll Machine
Sorrows: Let Me In
Undertones: Let's Talk About Girls
Dipsomaniacs: I Think I Love You
Tammy Wynette: Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
Sanchers: Gonna Git That Man
Julia Lee & Her Boyfriends: My Man Stands Out
Velvelettes: Needle In A Haystack

Smugglers: Keep On
Flintstones TV Show: Charlie And Irving
Afterschool Special: Wrong
Slim Harpo: Shake Your Hips
Raunch Hands: Naked Naked Naked
50's Commercial: Beer Glorious Beer
Screeching Weasel: Cool Kids

Potato Men: Drunken Staircase
'57 Incident: Teaserama
Lively Ones: Surf Rider
Del Lords: I Play The Drums
Rhythm Kings: What's Your Trouble

Propeller Heads: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Issac Hayes: Birth Of Shaft
Funkadelic: Loose Booty
S.C.O.T.S.: White Trash

Girl Trouble: Sister Mary Motorcycle
William And The Wild Ones: They Call Me Willy The Wild One
Sammy Lara: Silly Sally
Sam Butera & The Witnesses: Dig That Crazy Chick
Sicko: Hipster Boyfriend
Monkees: Tapioca Tundra
Modern Lovers: She Cracked

Ed Kuepper: The Way You Made Me Feel
Red Wagon: Flowers Of Evil
Barstool Prophets: Paranoia
Byrds: Bound To Fall
Apples In Stereo: Seems So
Deepest Blue: Somebody'S Girl
Lyres: You've Been Wrong
LSD: Acid Land
Residents: Gingerbread Man Concentrate

Complete Little Rascals Follies Of 1938

Monks: Shutup
Hank Thompson/Jr. Brown: Sell Them Chickens
Lillingtons: The Day I Went Away
Sixteen Deluxe: Purple
Silver Apples: Fantasies
360's: Speaks Through Water
Necros: 500 Years And A Pack Of Camels

Sndtrk: Forbidden Planet

after taking the krell mind strength test, i felt weak and drained... the beast from within, the id, became too overwhelming to battle anymore...

bc-t  1/25/98

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