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i anxiously wait the arrival of the autumnal equinox. its cooler and invigorating temperate fields, the intensity of the natural colors and a complete and fanatical dedication to the minnesota vikings and their quest to attain the constantly elusive football grail!!!! your crusade can be satisfied immediately in:

Volume 3 Episode XLVIII

RFTC: I Know
The Young Fresh Fellows: High Time
Randy Proffitt: Check That Baby Out, One Time
Sit 'n' Spin: High School
Gentrys: Keep On Dancin'
Revelators: Earthshaker, Yeah

Gonn: Blackout Of Gretely
Boss Martians: Steppin' Out
Screamin' Furys: Can't You See

Prissteens: Let Me Run Wylde
Angels: Wow Wow Wee (He's The Boy For Me)
Shambles: Delve Into Everthing

Louis Jordan And His Tympani 5: Caldonia
Partisans: I Never Needed You
Graham Parker: Mercury Poisoning (Stiff single)
Strangeloves: Nighttime
Thee Headcoatees: Shadow
Shadows: Man Of Mystery
Flying Color: I'm Your Shadow

Upper Crust: Ne'er Do Well (Live)
Groovie Ghoulies: Beast With 5 Hands
Sloppy Seconds: Horror On Party Beach
Red Elvises: Boogie On The Beach
Vibrators: My Girl Sloopy
Fantastic Johnny C: Boogaloo Down Broadway

Stumpy Joe: Proverbial Straw
Dolls: It's Too Late
Mummies: Your Ass Is Next
Shadows Of Knight: I'm Gonna Make You Mine
Gories: Nytroglycerine
Neil Alan: Pizza, Pizza, Pizza Pie
Brak: Mashed Potatos
Paul Revere And The Raiders: Hungry

Fleshtones: I Wanna Feel Something Now
Young Lords: Tearing Up My Heart
Long Ryders: Looking For Lewis And Clark
Nashville Pussy: Hot Rod Johnny
Invaders: Pam

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: Boogie Bumper
Swingerhead: Pick Uppa The 'Phone
Calvin Booze: Safronia
Red Ingle: Temp-ta-tion
Johnny Cash: Luther Played The Boogie
Hillbilly Frankenstein: Rawbone

Fluorescine: This Time
Redd Kross: Citadel
Freddy And The Hitchikers: Sinners
Dweebs: Girl Called Maybe
FZ: Let's Turn The Water Black
Os Vips: Things We Said Today
Del Legunas: Time Tunnel
Herman's Hermits: Henry The VIII
SCOTS: 40 Miles To Vegas

Dj Phil O'Cyben: "I Linda Tripp On Drugnet Gettin Jiggy, Shaken Not Stirred"

Stan Freeberg: Lil' Blue Riding Hood
John Felice: Lil' Red Riding Hood
Journeyman: Swarm
Bevis Frond: Ear Song
Dream Smashes: Age Of Miracles
Maria/Gina And The Cast Of Sesame Street: The Word Is No

Young Savages: The Invaders Are Coming
Timothy Leary: Starlight
PWEI: Radio
MOAM: Rovers
Scooby-Doo: Tell Me Tell Me

Seers: Looking For Tomorrow
360's: Speaks Through Water
Magnapop: Snake
Theme from "I Dream Of Jeannie"
Vaughn Monroe And His Orchestra: Maharaja Of Magador
TMBG: Istanbul, Not Constantinople

Brian Jonestown Massacre: Sue
Third Bardo: I'm 5 Years Ahead Of My Time

Les Yper Sound: Teen Tonic
Creation: Life Is Just Beginning For Me
Operation Re Information: Repeat
the significance of the hieroglyph as it pertains to street signs

could all this have some deeper meaning?

bc-t  09/20/98

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