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my precious wife and i wanted to find out what was happening on the other side of the country, so we loaded up the plane and flew to beverly. hills that is. LA, palm trees, avocados and an entire cast of actors on the left of center. some of the highlights were driving the now infamous 405, warren beatty has big feet, you can't smoke anywhere, the amount of potent potables and the music. i got to see the Munster coach too! returning to this side of the continent refreshed, revamped and renewed we present:

Volume 3 Episode XLVII

Missing Persons: Walking In LA
Theme To The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air
Beat Farmers: California Kid
Klaatu: California Jam
Rivieras: California Sun

Cramps: Haulass Hyena
Hellacopters: Long Gone Losers
Sleaze Sisters: Bubble Bomb
Pandoras: Worm Boy

Go-Nuts: Watering Hole
The Midknights: Pain
Saturn V Featuring Orbit: A Long Time Ago
Roy Brown: Rockin' At Midnight
The Four Teens: Go Little Go Cat

Sloppy Seconds: Let's Kill The Trendy
Little Richard: Heebie Jeebies
Humpers: Mutate Me
John Hall: Crazy
Surf Trio: Never Gonna Hold Me

Ella Mae Morse: Jumpin' Jack
Betty Hall Jones: This Joint's Too Hip For Me
Peggy Lee: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Campus Tramps: All I Want
Diaboliks: Groove And Grind
Standells: Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
Ray Leggett: Talk Talk

Roger Maris Baseball By Pressman
1961 Wheaties Commercial
Del Reeves: Philadelphia Fillys

Hippycrickets: Matter Of Time
Wipers: No Solution
The Magic Plants: I'm A Nothing
Course Of Empire: God's Jug
Ernie K Doe: Mother In Law
Nails: 88 Lines About 44 Women
Cactus: Rockout Whatever You Feel Like
Full Blown: Honky Tonk Suicide
Joe Fingers: Istanbul, Not Constantinople
Ridel High: Galaxy Girl
Jessie Lee Turner: Little Space Girl
Tonics: Get In In Your Feet

The Big Rocker: Rock And Roll Romance
Jackie And The Cedrics: Boss
Beat Farmers: Selfish Heart
Lazy Cowgirls: Bad News
Turbo AC's: Graveyard Shifter
Mummies: Lil' Miss TNT
Thee Mighty Caesars: Because Just Because

Red Elvises: Jerry's Got The Squeezebox
Mighty Mofos: I Need You
Johnny Knight: Rock 'N' Roll Guitar
Screaming Broccoli: Let's Bury Bob
Mono Men: Get A Clue
Marble Orchard: You Don't Really Have A Clue
Rooks: A Girl Like You
Jai Raj Harisen: Thanks For The Pepperoni

Original Sins: Easier Done Than Said
Insomniacs: O'Clock O'Clock
Mumps: Scream And Scream Again
Eric's Trip: If You Don't Want Me
Illusions: Wait 'til Summer

Funkadelic: Loose Booty
Issac Hayes: Funky Junky (America's Most Wanted Theme)
Lee Michaels: Murder In My Heart For The Judge

Balboas: Grandma Sandbox
Ray Corvair Trio: The Spy Who Couldn't Get Any Action
Dave's True Story: Ned's Big Dutch Wife
Gerry Mulligan Quartet: Swinghouse

David Jones: What Are We Gonna Do
Jennifers: Your're My Star
Kwyet Kings: Somebody Like You
Bill Deal And The Rondells: May I
The Id: Those Ever Lovin' Baby Blues
Freddy And The Hitchhikers: Sinners
Sonic Youth: Hits Of Sunshine (for Allen Ginsberg)
Henry Mancini: Touch Of Evil (background to murder)

Chills: Pink Frost
Modest Mouse: Breakthrough
Popsicle: Third Opinion
Pete Willser: Sleep Walk

Various Astral Orchestrations For Illusionary Illustrations

a little more than twelve hours ago i watched the sunset over malibu beach. now, i stand in a mist filled field and watch the sunrise. interesting sensation.

bc-t  09/13/98

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