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with not much left in the way of progressive behavior for the summer of 1998, it's a comforting thought knowing that all along there has been a bright and constant star in the increasingly mundane social galaxy. it's called:

Volume 3 Episode XLV

Smugglers: What Do You Want Me To Do?
Celibate Rifles: Sometimes (I Wouldn't Live Here If You Paid Me)
Virgil Baker: Ooh Wee, You're Sweet
Ridel High: Monsters Under Your Bed
Teen Idols: Teen Theme
Crestones: She's A Bad Motorcycle
Fleshtones: I Was A Teenage Zombie

Cheater Slicks: Hook Or Crook
Plagues: I've Been Through It Before
Mitch Easter: Valleri
Davie Allen & The Arrows: Shape Of Things To Come
Surf Trio: Girl With No Name
New Bomb Turks: Defiled
Dean Beard: Shiverin' And Shakin'

Velvet Crush: One Hundred Years From Now
Leon Mc Auliffe & His Western Swing Band: Pan Handle Rag
The Four Speeds: Sting Ray
The Hentchmen: Red Hot Car
Jr. Brown: Highway Patrol
Steer Jockey: 18 Squealer

Countdowns: Pussy Stank
Mel Torme: It's De-Lovely
Vandalias: Funky Monkey Baby
Josie And The Pussycats Theme
Lazy Cowgirls: Hittin' Bottom
Rave Ups: In My Gremlin
Joe Lombardie: Let's All Rock And Roll

Hi Fives: No No
Mortals: 999
Esquires: Come On Come On
Rock A Teens: Whoo Hoo
Jack Scott: The Way I Walk
Morphine: Honey White (Thanks Rykodisc!)
Barbara Russell: Like The Honey From The Bee

Brood: Leave Me Alone
Plungers: Theme/Rockin' Usa
Cramps: Twist And Shout
Murry Kellum: I Dreamed I Was A Beatle
Shambles: Innocence Becomes You

Del Tinos: Night Life
Gene Pitney: 24 Hours From Tulsa
Dusty Springfield: Son Of A Preacher Man
Lyres: We Sell Soul
Manu Dibango: Soul Makossa
Hippycrickets: Matter Of Time

A Heartfelt Reading Of Lady Diana Spencer's Last 2 Hours Of Life -
The Normal: Warm Leatherette
Untamed Youth: Drag Race Tragedy
Shangri Las: Leader Of The Pack
Mummies: Hi Heeled Sneakers
Liquor Giants: Things I'd Like To Say
Translator: Today

Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers: Government Center
Push Stars: Everything Shines
Speed Crazy: Empty Eyes
Link Wray And His Wraymen: Dance Contest
Gretschen Hofner: Betty Page Is Back(12" Version)
Casino Royales (R.I.P.): Infiltration

Neutrino: Shake On It
The Ceyleib People: Anton 1
Steve Taylor And Allen Ginsberg: Dear M
Les Baxter Orchestra: Celestial Nocturne
Dance Of The Reed Flutes (from " Fantasia")
Chrysanthemums: Porcupine Quills
Echo & The Bunnymen: Enlighten Me
Robyn Hitchcock: A Day In The Life (Live)

Les Yeper Sound: Teen Tonic
Angelo Badalamente: Fred's World
Theme From "Touch Of Evil"
Digital Domain Sound Effects And Set Up Disc
Mermen: Obsession For Men

Pell Mell: Par Avion
Roamin Togas: Bar The Door
Red Elvises: On My Way To Vegas
Jack Rabbit Slim's World Famous Twist Contest (You Never Can Tell)
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: Boogie Bumper
Teddy Powell & His Orchestra: Straight Eight Boogie (1941)

Sun Ra: Yucatan (Saturn Mix)

John Keating: I Felt The Earth Move

as the big blue marble rotated virtually unnoticed on its axis, i leaned so as not to fall.

bc-t  sometime in space

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