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i am constantly encouraged at the growing cult fan base that the BftG gets.   of course, there will always be those who wonder why i'm not playing Semisonic's "Closing Time" every hour but they're the ones who take pride in admitting that their VCRs are flashing "12:00"!   so, for those of us who know the difference and take pride in that, i present the soon-to-be cult classic:

Volume 3 Episode XLIV

DC5: Havin' a Wild Weekend
Sticks 'n' Stones: Still
Mike Demirdjian's Rhythm Rockers: Teen Age Party
Skin Walkers: New Train Running
Supersnazz: Teenage Head

The Plague: Go Away
Mono Men: Just A Girl
Godfathers Of Infection: Teen Age Drag Queen
Shangri-Las: Give Him A Great Big Kiss
Dead Famous People: Arriving Late In Torn And Filthy Jeans
Bobby Teens: I Did Not Love You/Gimme Gimme

Red Ants: Poison Steak
Bobby Rydell: Wild One
Rowan & Martin: News Of The Past, Present And Future
Sloppy Seconds: I Love Lesbians
Theme to Cagney & Lacey
Peggy Upton: Sweet Sugar Bugger
Dirty Looks: Let Go
S.C.O.T.S.: Run Chicken Run
Opium Hello: Sweet Young Thing
Makers: Damn Nation

Jay & the Techniques: Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie
Jon & the Nightriders: Rumble At Waikiki
Revels: Comanche
The Wig: Crackin' Up
Fells: She's Alright
Floyd Dakil Combo: Dance Franny, Dance

Parasites: Wild Youth
Wild Strings Trailer
Campus Tramps: In The Basement
Travis & Bob: Tell Him No
Submachine: Diseased
RFTC: Your Touch
Swinging Neckbreakers: Shakedown
Tommy Tucker: High Heeled Sneakers
Patty Duke Theme (Hot dog loss of control)
Golden Balls: Shortnin' Bread

Penis Envy: Tears Of Blood
Stems: I'm Going To Make You Mine
Singing Sheep: Baa Baa Black Sheep
Delta 72: The Natural Woman Steals The Scene
Mummies: Red Cobra #9
Boris & the Godfathers: Tidal Wave
Bruce Johnston: Original Surfer Stomp

Rock Rol: Bedrock Twitch
Scre amin' Furys: Comin' Round
Material Issue: International Pop Overthrow
Crabby Appleton: Go Back (someone, please cover this song!)
Slickee Boys: Going All The Way/Glendola
Jerry Parsons: Don't Need No Job
Freddy-O And The Hellcats: Eye Izza Zombie
Bomboras: Night Of The Bomboras

Antinam: Stanley
Hot Boogie Chillin': Yes Or No
Sea Monkeys: Beatnik Chick And Hot Rod Guy (Spazz-tastic!)
Sounds Unlimited: Gotta Get Away
The World: Pot Party
Child's Garden Of Grass: Funniness
Kali Bahlu: A Cosmic Telephone Call
Monster Magnet: Superjudge
The Bevis Frond: You're Mind's Gone Grey

Parasitic: La Pelicula (trans: "The Movie" )
Man...Or Astroman: Journey To The Stars
Themarinernine: Georgia Boys And Their Girlfriends
Loop Guru: Kalibukbuk
Brian Jonestown Massacre: Love
Wasted Youth: I'll Remember You

Hooker 'n' Heat: Send Me Your Pillow
Mad Violets: Philocybe (for dj Phil O'Cyben)
Mystic Eyes: My Time To Leave
Woody Woodpecker Song (full pecker version)
Louis Armstrong: Chicago Breakdown
Brian Fahey: At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal
The "Rat Pack" : Birth Of The Blues

Mendoza Line: I Never Had A Chance
R. Stevie Moore: Pledge Your Money
Per Gessle: Saturday
Fluorescien: Cathy's On Crank
Raybeats: International Operator
Viscounts: Harlem Nocturne

i can say i have seen by the dawn's early light. the intense colors of the morning sky are my reward for this evening's programming. hopefully, your colors are just as vivid.

bc-t  8/23/98

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