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it always amuses me to have folks arrive at revelations that i've held to be true and part of my life for years. of course that's probably the result of having so many years of life. the unusual, unique and bizarre have always had a home in my mind, and now you can enjoy these same fine idiosyncrasies without the harmful side effects; all bundled together in a tidy little package we call:

Volume 3 Episode XL

Girl Trouble: Gonna Find Me A Cave
Stones That Roll: Paint It Black
Loons: Unwind
Oblivians: Do The Milkshake

Liquor Giants: What's New Pussy Cat
Sea Monkeys: Undertow/Burnin' Love
Russ Alladin: Once Upon A Midnight
Moptops (no, not those): Moptop
Optic Nerve: Leaving Yesterday Behind
Flee-Rekkers: Sunburst

Highway 13: All The Time
Ben Vaughn: M-M-M-Motor Vehicle
Hot Boogie Chillin': Dirty Robber
Tunesmiths: Baby I'm Ready
Social Distortion: Ring Of Fire (Live)
Warren Smith: Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache

Firesign Theatre: Porgie Tyrebiter
Sleaze Sisters: Bubble Bomb
The Fluids: Is It Day I'm Seeing?
Dukes Of Hamburg: Lover Not A Fighter
Paul Petersen: She Can't Find Her Keys
Dellwoods: Nosejob
Vendettas: Rockabilly Hand Job
Crammps: Inside Out And Upside Down (With You)

Humpers: Steel Toed Sneakers
Cavemen: Kraft Korner
Kinks: Cadillac
Bo Diddley: You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover
Dragline: Full Grown Man

Lovedogs: Safronia
Dana Gillespie: Snatch And Grab It
Gunter Lee Carr: We're Gonna Rock
Mummies: Skinny Minnie
Replacements: Take Me Down To The Hospital
Sinners: Nice Try
Groovie Ghoulies: Punk Pt.II

Boardwalkers: Burnout
Kings Of Rock: Boss Hoss
Trashmen: Surfin' Bird (Live)
Ramones: Cretin Hop
Insect: The Styler
Steven J. Bernstein: Come Out Tonight (w/Four Seasoning)
Teen Idols: Teen Scene Theme
Partisians: Time Was Right (original version)

Spic And Span: Summertime Blues
3 Aces And A Joker: Booze Party
Guitar Wolf: Wild Zero
Electric Frankenstein: I Wish I Could (live from 'FMU)

Burl Ives: The Ugly Bug Ball
Sugarfreaks: Summertime
Cookies: Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys
Smears: Cum Into My Mouth
Richie Valens: Come On, Let's Go (true stereo)

We The People: Mirror Of Your Mind
Blues Magoos: Life Is Just A Cher o' Bowlies
Undertones: When Saturday Comes
Ken Nordine: Any Time, Any Time
The Ramadas: Life Is Tough
Beat Happening: Nancy Sin/Fortune Cookie Prize

Camel: Pressure Points
Byrds: Moon Raga
Maids Of Gravity: Where On Earth
Mahavishnu Orchestra: On The Way Home To Earth

Kula Shaker: Smart Dogs
John Otway: I Am The Walrus
Live Bait: Randy Scouse Git
Friends Of Dean Martinez: Retrograde
Gordons: Coal Miner's Song

Brian Jonestown Massacre: Spun
King Missle: At Dave's
Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers: Ice Cream Man (Live)

Issac Hayes: No Name Bar
Warren Barker: Caper At The Coffee House
Theme To Dobie Gillis
Mamie Van Doren: Beat Generation

Flaming Lips: This Here Giraffe
Johnny Fosdick and his Orchestra with Anita Boyer Vocals: Swinging The Jingle (a 1940's Pepsi Commercial full length)
Negativland: Greatest Taste Around
Pepsi Commercial From '66: Come Alive
" Frantic" Johnny Rogers: Sassy

The World: Pot Party
Fireballs: Groovy Motions
Owen B: Zig Zag Man
Silver Sun: Dumb
Teenage Fanclub: So Far Gone
Good King Leonardo And Odie Cologne Too Rule Bongo Congo
Hollywood Persuaders: Drums Au-Go-Go
Subsonics: I Love You, I'Ll Kill You

having taken a goodly amount of trips, there's no need for a vacation, however, the as of yet unpublicized theory of time travel intrigues me. therefore Vol. 3 episode XLI will be presented at another time.

bc-t  7/19/98

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