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a boy and girl stroll through the early fall morning just as dawn breaks over their curve of the earth. the incredible hues of the foliage are illuminated by the early morning sun. he takes her hand in his, she looks warmly into his eyes. he offers her a headphone jack to his already in use personal stereo. she coyly slips the galvanized prong into the awaiting receptacle. "oh, my gawd" she thinks, "it's incredible"! he smiles proudly 'cause he knows it's:

Volume 3 Episode LI

Dee Rangers: Don't
Sandy Lee: Ballin' Keen
Lord High Fixers: Poppa Hoodoo
Cheap Trick: You're All Talk
Evelyn Forever: Doorway

Gnats: Last Damn Pin
Dickies: Bowling With Bedrock Barney
Electric Frank: You're So Fake
Cowsills: Hair
Drag Pack: Not So Fast
Fleshtones: High On Drugs
Scotty Moore Trio: Have Guitar Will Travel
Satan's Pilgrims: Scatter Shield

Bobby Roberts And The Raveons: How Can I Make Her Mine?
SVT: Heart Of Stone
Velvet Crush: Hold Me Up
Chalets: (Fat) Mom-mio (1960)
Knickerbockers: Bite Bite Barracuda
Neptunas: Lou Surfer's Woody

Parasites: Teenage Radiation
Secret Service: It's All Happening Here

Phantom Surfers: Cross-over Tragedy
Burt Ward (as Robin the Boy Wonder): Holy Hole-in-a-Doughnut!
Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale: Batman & Robin Swing!
Shonen Knife: One Week
Sailor Moon Theme
X: Johnny Hit And Run Pauline (Demo)
Ron Haddok & The Boppers: Big Bass Au-Go-Go Party
Splinters: Motherly Mum

Flat Duo Jets: Creepin' Invention
Red Elvises: Voodoo Doll
Junior Brown: Rock-a-Hula Baby
Zig Dillon: On Down The Line
Fall: Spoilt Victorian Child

Mad Daddies: Let's Get Stoned
Cosmic Avenger: DMV On LSD
Shirley Temple: He Was A Dandy
Angel And The Re-Runs: Buffy Come Back
Country Dick Montana: Li'l Balls Of Yarn
Brothers Called "Almond": Pony Boy
Woggles: Mule Lipped

Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson & Magic Rockers: Doin' The Sugar Too
Del Noah & The Mt Ararat Finks: Spin Out
Kaisers: Like I Do
Oranj Symphonette: Arabesque
Man...Or Astroman?: Structo
Harmonia: Sehr Kosmisch

Mondo Topless: Stomp
Jean Jacques Perrey: Gossipo Perpetuo
D.J. Phil O'Cyben becomes chemical brothers imbalanced/dependent
Pussy Galore: Alright
The Tonics: Get In In Your Feet
Thomas' Devils: Sho Is Hot (Papa Bullfrog on vocals - 1929)
Charlie Feathers: Everybody's Lovin' My Baby
Soft Boys: Leppo And The Jooves

Gert Wilden: Soul Guitar
Combustible Edison: Seduction
Aku Kembali Lagi: The Quest/Her Majesty
Moog Beatles: Goodnight (John's got a lot of soul)
Galaxy 500: Listen, The Snow Is Falling

Duane Eddy: House Of The Risin' Sun
Cactus: Feel So Bad
Bongwater: Crime
Fathoms: The Haunted Shore
Wanda Jackson: Funnel Of Love

Huntington Cads: Ann Isabel
Ghastly Ones: Attack Of The Robot Atomico
Truckadelics: Black Cat Lounge
Rusty York: Sugaree

Mermen: Into The West/Be My Noir
Paul Collins Beat: On The Highway

so, for these two young lovers, it had become a completely overwhelming and enrapturing journey into the most intimate human experience. 'til his batteries ran out.

bc-t - at the beginning
of their dawn  10/11/98

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