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as i make my rounds to various record shoppes, i always manage to overhear and invariably involve myself in conversations regarding the current state of music. a few weeks back i read an article in the NY Times magazine about Joni Mitchell and her newly rediscovered daughter and life. Joni has a new album out and naturally, she was taking the opportunity to promote it, because her record companies never do. point being, in this particular article, Ms. Mitchell alludes to the very same thing! she goes even further to mention that the music industry is no longer about music, it's about selling a product to the general public whether it's good or not. a point that i have proudly proclaimed on various occasions. which brings the "circle game" back to my various conversations. a lot of folks are so adamant about what they "believe" to be good music. mostly using the "i keep hearing it on the radio" approach. lemmings. being involved in the Barrage from the Garage, tells me that there is work to be done. such as:

Volume 3 Episode L

Swinging Neckbreakers: Wait
Sit 'n' Spin: Faster
Mt McKinleys: The Style King
Roy Gaines: Skippy Is A Sissy

Stephen Taylor Huey: Her Fading Glow
Mystery Fabs Touring: Blue Jay Way
Brood: You're Alright
Brenton Wood: Gimme Little Sign

Mondo Topless: Stomp
Undertones: It's Gonna Happen
Knack: That Thing You Do

Premiers: Farmer John
Fortune and Maltese & The Phabulous Pallbearers: Genie In The Lamp
We The People: Mirror Of Your Mind
Satelliters: I'm Crawling

Mono Men: Murder City Nights
Monsters: Skeleton Stomp
Chan Romero: I Want Some More
Hot Boogie Chillin': Fuckin' Sweet
S.C.O.T.S.: Run Chicken Run
Super Chicken And Fred Theme
The Coyote Men: You're Nothin' To Me

Chaparrals: Leapin' Guitars
Man... Or Astroman?: Clean Up In Aisle #9(Turn Up The Monitors)
Cubs: She's A Sensation
Trespassers: Blitzkrieg Bop
Groovie Ghoulies: Ghoulies Are Go!
Primate V: Devil Dance

Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet: Having An Average Weekend
Dave Meyers Effect: Hell's Racers
Bobby Fuller Four: Saturday
Phantom Surfers/Davie Allen: Devil Dust
Dick Dale: A Run For Life

Candy Kane: 200 Pounds Of Fun
Roy Milton: Tell It Like It Is

Mortals: Everybody Else
Jethro Tull: Cat's Squirrel
Primevil Unknowns: Deep 6
Beyond Lickin': Butt Plug

Julie Ruin: A Place Called Won't Be There
Models: Bend Me Shape Me
Tina Louise: Let's Do It
Cat Fight: Not In Love
Phil Grey And The Go Boys: Pepper Hot Baby
Roger Miller: Dang Me

Alien Sex Fiend: It Lives Again
Vehicle Birth: 2 Seconds From Hate
From The Anime/New Dominion Tank Police: Just Beyond The Time
Ed Begley: National Emblem

George Clinton: Help Scotty, I'm Tweaking And I Can't Get Up
Will Powers: Kissing With Confidence
Dimitri: Love, Love Mode

Evergreen Blue Shoes (Kim Fowley): Silver Shadows
Southwest F.O.B.: Smell Of Incense
Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn: Tracery
Sonic Youth: Within You Without You
Zachery Track: Can't You Hear Your Daddy

Sammy Davis Jr: I Gotta Be Me
Chemical Brothers/Willie Hutch: Brothers Gonna Work It Out
Sarah Vaughn: Smooth Operator
Everlounge: Mini Van Lovers
Los Amigos Invisibles: No Me Pagan
Orange Peels: I Don't Mind The Rain
R. Stevie Moore: Play Myself Some Music

"if you tell a person they're a donkey enough, eventually they will believe it"
      -- bazooka comics fortune

bc-t  10/4/98

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