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as i maintain a certain amount of social anonymity, i am continuously amused by the general comings and goings of those who feel the need to come and go. when i do look at television, i watch not for entertainment, but to look through the window of what in the world is going on?

i see images of what i'm supposed to look like. i see images of what i'm supposed to eat. i see images of what i'm supposed to wear, smell like, drive, decorate my home with and, dare i say, think. comforting to know that for those of us who like to do our own thinking and create our own images there's always:

Volume 3 Episode IL

Dukes Of Hamburg: Don't Ha Ha
Girl Trouble: Bring On The Dancing Girls
Burton Cummings: My Own Way To Rock
Seeds: Pushin' Too Hard (Nuggets Box)

Donnas: Wanna Get Some Stuff
Bronzettes: Hot Spot
Lurkers: The Dirty Town
Searchers: Farmer John
Teengenerate: Midnight To 6
Blacky Vale: If I Had A Woman

Bomboras: Night Of The Bomboras
Bobby Fuller Iv: Our Favorite Martian
Moviees: Come On
Rockinghams: Played A Trick

Smugglers: Kiss Like A Nun (Live)
Cheap Trick: Hello There (Live)
Agent Orange: It's In Your Head (Live)
Ready Men: Shortnin' Bread (Live)
Dee Rangers: Hot Ice
Will Bradley Trio: Down The Road A Piece

Electric Prunes: I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (Nuggets Box)
Marshmallow Overcoat: The Woods
Nickelodeon: Nik-O-Las Tell Overture
Dodi Stevens: Pink Shoelaces
Killer Barbies: Love Killer
Peggy March (not "Little" here): Kilindini Docks
Ninety Nine (not Ms. Feldon): Weekender

Phantom Surfers w/Davie Allen: Curb Job
Four Fab Fuzzy Fellas: Think For Yourself
Too Much Joy: Long Haired Guys From England
Chesterfield Kings: Help You Ann
Castaways: Liar, Liar (Nuggets Box)

Flat Duo Jets: There's A Riot Going On
Hot Friggin' Tuna: Baby, What You Want Me To Do
Larry Liggitt: That Man Is Walkin'
Junior Brown: Freedom Machine

Electric Frankenstein: Rise And Crash
Blackjacks: Dress In Black
Ognir And The Nite People: I Found A New Love
Bob McAllister: A Real Rock Song
Olivia Tremor Control: Silverbug
Moving Targets: Brave Noise
Hawkwind: Valium (12" Mix)

Untamed Youth: I Couldn't Care Less
Twilight Stringers: Pale Face Twist
The "Nez" (the one with the wool hat): Rio
Robert Mitchum: Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
Tony Martin: I Get Ideas

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Greyhound
Pressurehead: Slo Glo
Frantic: Morning Dew
Cactus: Song For Aries

VON LMO: We're Not Crazy
Jon Appleton: Chet D'Oeurve
Milk Cult: Fuzz Wah Song
Artie Garr: Beat Love

Chuckie Chandler And The Chandeliers: Rockin' Moondog
Satan's Pilgrims: Pilgrims' Workout
Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers: Dr. Jazz
F/I: Boots Of Ascension
Dandy Warhols: Boys Better
Sundial: Apollo
Jesus And Mary Chain: Virtually Unreal
Something Wild: Trippin' Out

Edwin Starr: 25 Miles
Arkana: House On Fire
Xavier Cugat: Adios

Great Plains: Standing At The Crosswords
Anne Richmond Boston: Mr. Webster
Silly Pillows: What Can You Do With A Dreamer?

"we sleep perchance to dream"

bc-t  09/27/98

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